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Dreamworks animated films now available on iTunes

After quite a wait, Dreamworks Animation has finally relented to allowing its movies on iTunes, which means the company's catalog is more or less up for grabs. Kung Fu Panda is one title customers have been waiting for, and Monsters vs. Aliens, Bee Movie, and Madagascar 2 are available as well....

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Hands on with Boxee for iPad and Boxee Box v1.2

The long-awaited Boxee for iPad app went live yesterday and quickly rose to the #13th most popular free app for iPad. Simultaneously, Boxee released a new firmware version for the Boxee Box set-top media player, v1.2, with some new Apple-friendly features like AirPlay and AFP support. We've gon...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Help me watch Amazon videos on my TV

Dear Aunt TUAW, Checking out your apps, you have some major talent, thanks for sharing. I know you probably get a gazillion requests, but one feature that would be incredible that I can't find anywhere is the ability to 'stream' Amazon Instant Videos to the AppleTV. I have these free movies sin...

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TUAW's Daily Mac App: Music Commander

Controlling iTunes with the keyboard is easy enough, but what if you want a little more information without having to resort to the full iTunes window? Music Commander is here to help. Sitting in the menu bar, Music Commander allows you to control iTunes with an extensive drop-down menu. You'...

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TUAW's Daily Mac App: VLC

Yesterday on the Daily Mac App, we showed you how to bestow QuickTime Player with the ability to play a multitude of formats and codecs, but sometimes even Perian won't cut it, and that's where you can turn to VLC to get the job done. VLC is a free, open-source, cross-platform multimedia play...

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TUAW's Daily Mac App: Perian

Have you ever wished QuickTime would just play all those random formats you've got? That you didn't have to resort to other programs, or worse converting everything, just to get them to play? You need Perian. We've covered Perian a lot in the past, and for good reason -- it's a one stop-shop ...

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TUAW's Daily Mac App: unDock

When you're using a MacBook in the vicinity of a desk, you're likely to have a lot of things plugged into it. Be it hard drives, flash drives, memory cards or any other type of storage, we all know how bitterly OS X complains when you just pull them out. When you're in a hurry to get out the do...

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doubleTwist adds AirPlay hooks to Android

I remember doubleTwist as an iTunes alternative from back in the day, but it's apparently morphed into an Android application and promises to bring many of the standard iTunes and iPod music features to the Android platform. Now the app has added yet another trick to its arsenal: doubleTwist no...

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How Apple does damage control

Typically, whenever something goes wrong with a company or its products and services, the company will try to head off a media free-for-all by releasing a brief statement that usually does only two things: it acknowledges that a problem exists and promises more information at a later date. But ...

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Gruber ruminates on Apple's cloud

Recently, Amazon introduced a new cloud-based file storage and media playback system aptly named Cloud Drive and Cloud Player. The debut of this system, which is compatible with Android handsets, kicked off a debate on cloud storage and Apple's lack of a similar mechanisms for its iOS devices. In...

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World Backup Day: Turn, turn, turn + more giveaways

Happy World Backup Day! We can't really emphasize this strongly enough: you need good backups, and you need them now. That's why we've joined the cause for data saving with tips, techniques and giveaways all day today. For Mac users running Leopard or Snow Leopard (10.5 or 10.6), the good news a...

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Boxee to add iPad support, more in May

Boxee confirmed on its blog that its next update will add support for the Apple iPad. The streaming content provider will release the Boxee for iPad app that will let you stream content from your Boxee Box to your Apple iPad over a wireless connection. This feature would be ideal for some late ni...

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How to: Listen to your Amazon Cloud Player music on your iOS device

[H/t to Mashable's Christina Warren, who wrote this up yesterday. We independently arrived at the same place and had not seen Christina's writeup. - Ed.] Have you signed up for Amazon Cloud? It's a newly launched service that offers 5 GB of free online cloud storage and affordable paid plans up...

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Install iMovie on a 1st-generation iPad

One improvement coming to the iPad 2 is the addition of tablet-optimized versions of iMovie and GarageBand. iMovie is limited to the iPad 2 because the second generation tablet includes cameras to record video footage and a faster processor to handle the demands of video processing. Some origin...

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iMovie and Garageband now available for iPad

As expected, iMovie and GarageBand are now available on the App Store for the iPad 2 when it releases later on this week. iMovie is actually just a universal update, since the app was already available for the iPhone, but it won't run on the original iPad (GarageBand will, however). Both apps a...

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