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This app helps you find strangers to hike with, which might be a bad idea

Walking into the wilderness with a complete stranger might sound like the beginning of a slasher movie, but that's exactly the point of, an upcoming app that lets outdoor enthusiasts connect and meet up for their own adventures. The app uses a questionnaire system similar to some datin...

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From the Apple shareholders' meeting: Approvals, 'new categories' and another campus delay

The Apple shareholders' meeting was held in Cupertino earlier today, and CNBC has a full liveblog of all of the proceedings. There wasn't a lot of hard news out of the meeting, as most of it was taken up with bureaucratic goings-on, including the approval of a certain accounting firm, a few vot...

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Apple releases proxy statement in SEC filing

Apple has revealed the first information about its upcoming 2013 fiscal year in a proxy statement filed to the SEC this week. You can read the entire document on the SEC's website, but we can run you through the major points right here and now. First up, Apple discloses what Tim Cook was pa...

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Tidbits from Apple's shareholders meeting

CNBC was at the Apple shareholders annual meeting that took place February 23 in Cupertino, and you can read through detailed notes of the summit on its site. There were only a few official matters to discuss, and the first was whether or not the company would adopt majority voting for its board o...

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Protesters aimed to deliver new letter to Apple during shareholders meeting

Protestors delivered letters to Apple Stores around the world asking Apple to re-examine its use of Foxconn production factories overseas. Apple decided (relatedly or otherwise) to step up its inspections of those factories, so you probably won't be surprised to hear that protestors planned to do ...

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Tim Cook focuses on charity during Town Hall meeting

Apple held an all-employee Town Hall meeting a little while ago after the earnings call, and The Verge is reporting that Apple CEO Tim Cook took quite a bit of time during the meeting to point out Apple's charitable contributions to the world. He said that Apple has given $50 million to Stanford h...

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Tim Cook to hold January 25 'Town Hall' meeting with Apple employees

Apple CEO Tim Cook has scheduled a "Town Hall" meeting with Apple's employees to "review our record-setting results and discuss some exciting new things going on at Apple." The meeting will take place at 10 AM Pacific on January 25, and those employees unable to attend in person will be able to wa...

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Holiday Gift Guide: iPad apps & accessories for business

From one-person shops to giant enterprises, if businesses agree on anything right now it's "iPad Yay." The Apple tablet hasn't even reached the terrible twos yet, but it's clearly making its presence felt across countless verticals and different industries. For at least a couple of mobile profe...

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Tim Cook: my first-person impression of Apple's new CEO

After yesterday's news, I was originally going to title this post "Relax. Apple's new CEO Tim Cook is gonna do just fine." I was going to push back on the conventional wisdom that nobody can lead Apple as Steve Jobs has with facts about how Tim Cook has stepped in multiple times to help Apple...

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Fuze Meeting delivers multiparty video conferencing to iPad 2

The latest updates to Callwave's distributed conferencing platform, Fuze Meeting, have added a rather dramatic new feature that's perfect for iPad 2 owners (not to mention Android 'Honeycomb' tablets like the Motorola Xoom and older 'Froyo' devices): multi-party video conferencing. Meeting host...

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Apple to unveil JointVenture, a small business repair service

We reported last week that Apple had scheduled a meeting for all its retail employees. The meeting was held this weekend, and the Cupertino company reportedly used this meeting to detail a new enterprise-oriented service called JointVenture. The program supposedly targets small businesses and l...

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Apple holds shareholder meeting, Tim Cook presides

Apple held its latest shareholder meeting in Cupertino today, and while Jobs was apparently in attendance (and re-approved as a board member, along with William Campbell, Millard Drexler, Albert Gore, Andrea Jung, Arthur Levinson and Ronald Sugar), Tim Cook was the one overseeing the proceeding...

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Apple reportedly schedules all-hands retail meeting for this week

If you work in an Apple Store, you're either about to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for an all-hands retail meeting later this week, or you already have. The meetings are generally held Sunday evenings after the stores close. While nobody is quite sure what the all-hands meeting will be abou...

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Steve Jobs chilling with President Obama today

According to Business Insider, President Obama is scheduled to be flying into the San Francisco area this afternoon to attend an event for District Attorney Kamala Harris and to deliver remarks at a later dinner. What isn't on the President's public agenda, according to an anonymous source familiar...

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Al Gore taunted at shareholders' meeting, gets 10k more options anyway

Last week in this post and last night during the talkcast, we mentioned that Apple's shareholders had passed on a sustainability proposal during last week's meeting (the first time in recent memory that Apple didn't go for stricter environmental standards), but apparently the shareholders weren't...

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