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megaPhone iPhone stand is rubbery, battery-free amplification

Here's another quickie for you from CES. I've seen a few physical amplification attempts, some good, some bad. The megaPhone from iSimple sort of sits in-between. It's a little rubbery megaphone for your iPhone which provides some acoustic amplification of your iPhone's tiny speaker. There's a ...

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Megaphone, a big honkin' amplifier for your iPhone

There are a lot of powered amplifier docks for the iPhone and iPod touch, and sadly most of them are lacking in beauty and originality. Italian design firm en&is is bucking the trend with a unique unpowered amplifier that is a large, swooping ceramic horn. The Megaphone ranges from €...

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iPhoneDrive becomes MegaPhone, gets R/W Notes access

After getting C&D'd by Apple (a special moment in any Apple Developer's life), Ecamm changed the name of their iPhoneDrive product to MegaPhone. Today, I had an early peek at their new product and was delighted to find that it supports the creation of new notes and editing of existing notes on ...

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