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EA joins Iron Monkey and Firemint mobile studios to create Firemonkeys

EA has announced that it's consolidating its two biggest mobile studios. Firemint is the developer behind Flight Control and Spy Mouse (and was acquired by EA last year), and Iron Monkey is the developer behind EA's iOS hits like Mass Effect Infiltrator and Dead Space. Those two Melbourne, Aust...

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Time Out offering free iPhone city travel guides until May 2

Time Out is offering a selection of its popular city guides for iPhone for free until May 2. Cities the guides cover include Melborne, London, Paris, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Sydney and Zagreb. Each guide allows you to navigate a city's tourist spots, nightlife and restaurants easily....

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The iPhone user's Down Under travel guide

If you own an iPhone and you're traveling to Australia or New Zealand, you might be wondering how your handset will work Down Under. The good news: as long as you have a GSM-model iPhone (i.e., not the Verizon iPhone), and as long as it's unlocked, your iPhone will work just fine down here. But the...

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New Aussie, Swiss Apple Store openings

We've been inundated with emails today talking about the two international Apple Store openings. The first new store is in Zurich, Switzerland. Reader Greg sent us a link to his Flickr gallery with plenty of documentation of the new Bahnhofstrasse store. Here's a pic of part of the huge crowd just b...

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Life.Lab's Colony brings location-specific art controller to the iPhone

Colony is a new free application that showed up on the iPhone App Store just recently, but it won't do much of anything if you download it -- unless you're hooked up to the WiFi at the Life.Lab building in Digital Harbour in Melbourne, Australia. The app is actually part of an art installation by an...

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