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Announcing Trunk, an app store for Evernote

Evernote announced a new extension to their platform today, Trunk. It's essentially an App Store for Evernote, highlighting applications, hardware and platforms created by third parties which integrate with Evernote in various ways. Trunk offers easy access to new tech for users, as well as a means ...

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Is my iPhone making me dumber?

I love my iPhone. It goes with me everywhere. Leaving my house without my iPhone would feel just as unnatural as leaving without my pants (although I'd probably get fewer stares). There are so many things my iPhone is able to do that it's become an indispensable part of my daily life... and that'...

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TUAW's Daily App: White Lines

This iPhone game borrows its title from Grandmaster Flash, but rather than a game about the perils of drug addiction, it's actually a memory game. Kyle Webster is an illustrator who made this Simon-like drawing challenge. The game offers up a series of white strokes on the screen, and its your job ...

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Apple making RAM affordable? Really?

When people ask if they should add RAM to their computers to improve performance, fellow blogger Erica Sadun says she typically replies, "YES! Just don't buy it from Apple!" Apple's RAM upgrades have typically run about double what I actually ended up paying for them elsewhere. However, as noted by ...

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NAND flash memory supplies constrained (again)

Two things happen like clockwork every year: Apple raises the capacities on its NAND flash-based iPods and the iPhone, and analysts like iSuppli release a report saying that worldwide supplies of NAND flash are likely to be constrained as a result. The supply constraints aren't likely to affect Appl...

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Evernote's CEO: 5k new users a day, but retention is a problem

Mashable's Ben Parr sat down at CES with Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote, which is not only a TUAW favorite, but acts as your "external brain," saving little clips and bits of information both collectible from and accessible by any device you happen to have with you. We love the app, and while it isn't...

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Chip makers: Apple manipulating flash memory prices

The Korean Times is reporting today that Apple is (allegedly) manipulating the flash memory market. An unnamed source tells the Times that Apple is ordering more chips than it actually purchases: " ... [Apple] doesn't make immediate purchases, but waits until chip prices to fall to the level the com...

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Apple posts DIY info for new iMac memory installation

If you're looking to do a DIY memory upgrade on your brand-spanking new iMac, Apple's more than happy to tell you how. The Cupertino company has posted info in the Support section of its website telling people who aren't afraid to pop the hood on the new 21.5" and 27" iMacs what kind of memory modul...

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iPhone refresh could be straining Apple's flash memory suppliers

According to Ed Sutherland from Cult of Mac, three out of four Apple's NAND flash memory suppliers are feeling the strain as the company demands storage for its new line of iPhones. Sutherland cites a research report by analyst Vijay Rakesh from ThinkEquity. Rakesh says that Samsung has set aside it...

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New MacBooks and MBPs can handle up to 6GB of RAM

Is it just me or is it pretty mindblowing what Moore's Law is doing to our computers these days? I remember when 64mb of RAM was great, and even a few years ago, I wondered why anyone would ever use 1GB of RAM (I've got 2GB in my gaming PC, and I still almost think it's too much). But apparently Tid...

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Evernote: universal human memory extension

Evernote has plans for your brain. More specifically, a vision for the the augmentation of your memory. Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote and a recent Mac convert (who's been enthusiastically replacing his relatives' PCs with Macs to cut down on tech support calls) filled us in on Evernote's big plans. O...

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iFreeMem 2.0: when you just don't feel like rebooting

As good as OS X memory management may be, if you run your system for long periods of time without shutting down you'll likely see an increasing number of spinning beach balls as your uptime counter ticks away. When applications quit – especially big, memory-hungry applications – they oft...

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PC Mag gives iPod Touch an Editor's Choice

PC Magazine has given the iPod Touch a 5/5 score and their Editor's Choice award. High praise even from a definitely non-Apple source. Tom Gideon calls it "a thing of beauty," and says it's the best iPod ever. Well, no duh. He does say a major drawback is that the WiFi store doesn't contain movies, ...

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Up to 3GB of RAM in the Mac minis

Reader John L kindly dropped us a tip that Other World Computing has upped their Mac mini memory upgrades up to a whopping 3GB of RAM. And in fact, if you really want a Mini that flies, they'll even squeeze 4GB under the hood, even though they say the Mac Mini can't really handle that much. The perf...

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Windows Safari bugs and exploits "popping up like hotcakes"

Safari has been available on Windows for less than 24 hours, and already the hacker community is apparently tearing it to shreds. The Errata Security blog has been keeping track of a few announcements across the web, including a fully disclosed 0-day exploit that Thor Larholm apparently found yes...

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