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FileBrowse - a media browser companion for Finder

Romain Guy at The Apple Blog has penned a nice walkthrough of an interesting new app called FileBrowse, which acts as more of a streamlined tool for media file browsing and manipulating tasks, as opposed to a full-fledged Finder replacement (cuz we all know how well that's going). FileBrowse makes ...

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Metadata and Spotlight equals filing system

Lifehacker shows us how we can just dump all our files into the 'Documents' folder and still find things very quickly. What sort of black magic do you have to use? Why, just a little Spotlight and some 'tagging.' You tag your files by inserting relevant information into the comments section of each ...

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Is Spotlight spying on you?

I'm not sure what the Mac Observer's John Kheit has on his hard drives, and I am not sure I want to know. He seems a little too worried about the metadata that built in OS search tools like Spotlight, or its Windows counterpart, are storing as a matter of course. All kidding aside, the fact that man...

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