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Microsoft Office for iPad adds monthly subscription option

Microsoft's productivity software finally made the long walk to iPad earlier this year, but if the relatively steep price tag of the Microsoft Office apps has prevented you from giving them a try, Microsoft thinks you might just want to pay monthly instead. The company has now added a monthly paym...

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Office for iPad update brings a slew of top-requested features

When Office finally launched on the iPad four months ago it was a blessing for iOS converts with loyalties to Microsoft. Still, like every launch title, the app suite wasn't perfect. Today Microsoft has released an update that they hope will help fill in some of Office for iPad's biggest deficienc...

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Microsoft Office apps for iPad gain printing abilities and other news from April 29, 2014

Microsoft's Office for iPad apps have received an update that adds the ability to print to an AirPrint printer, PowerPoint smart guides, auto fitting in Excel and more. It's a funny thing, going more into debt in order to raise cash. But that's what Apple is planning to do to prevent having t...

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The Verge reports possible release of Microsoft Office for iPad and other news from March 17, 2014

This one might be for the rumor mill, but considering OneNote for Mac was released today, The Verge is saying that Microsoft Office for iPad might be released later this month, after members of the media received an invitation to an event on March 27 in San Francisco. It just happens to coincide w...

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New Microsoft Office for Mac coming

Microsoft has confirmed that the company will release a new version of Microsoft Office for the Mac this year, according to a report published today in Macworld. A representative for Microsoft confirmed that development work for the next version of Office for Mac is ongoing. "The team is hard at...

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Microsoft Office 2011: Unattended download and installation

I own Microsoft Office 2011 and wanted to make the process of installing it easier, since I own several Macs and have this habit of reinstalling OS X frequently. So I wrote a shell script because that's what I do to solve these sorts of problems. The best part of the script is that it does not req...

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Tis the season to subscribe: What's on my annual service renewal lists

As November rolls around, it's generally time for me to take stock, look at my current service subscriptions (as opposed to entertainment subscriptions like Netflix and Hulu) and weigh what items I'm going to invest in for the next twelve months. Some of my subscriptions are annual choices. They t...

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Microsoft releases fixes, critical security update for Office 2011

Microsoft has pushed out an update to Microsoft Office 2011 that fixes numerous issues with the suite as well as addresses a critical security flaw. The Office for Mac 2011 14.3.7 fixes a long list of bugs, most notably several with Outlook: Improves opening and checking out a file from Share...

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Microsoft continues anti-iPad offensive with new commercial

Microsoft today continued its anti-iPad offensive with yet another commercial, this one highlighting the many differences between the Microsoft Surface RT and Apple's fourth-generation iPad. Per usual, the differences pointed out by the commercial aren't all that interesting and I sincerely doubt...

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Consumer alternatives to Adobe Creative Cloud: practical software choices

Yesterday, Adobe introduced Creative Cloud, an on-line subscription based suite with $49.99 monthly charges that moves into the Creative Suite subscription space first started back in 2011. Existing customers of CS 3 to CS 5.5 and academics will pay $29.99 per month. Both Adobe and Microsoft are ...

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MacTech, Microsoft team up to offer Office for Mac support credential

Got Macs? Got Office? For support personnel who want to show the world that they know which end of a pivot table goes into a stylesheet and how to upgrade PowerPoint for full compatibility with Exchange Server 2013*, your opportunity has arrived. MacTech's upcoming seven-city BootCamp II tour...

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Microsoft CEO talks about Office, won't comment on Office for iPad

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer talked with Businessweek about the recent Office 2013 launch. Most of the interview focused on the desktop version of the productivity suite, but Ballmer dodged a question right at the end about the development of the iPad version of Office. When asked how the iPad...

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Microsoft site references iOS versions of Office, Excel, PowerPoint

Microsoft was quick to deny a report from October that its Office suite is headed to iOS devices, but some information posted to the company's own website indicates otherwise. French Apple news blog Mac4Ever has found references to Office for iPhone, Excel for iPad and PowerPoint for iPad on of...

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Daily Update for November 7, 2012

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requi...

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The Verge shows Microsoft Office on iPhone

In November of last year, The Daily reported that Microsoft was working on a version of its Office suite of apps for the iPad. One year later and The Verge now claims to have information that confirms the Redmond company will release Office versions for Android and iOS in early 2013. Accordin...

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