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Mighty Mouse becomes bluetooth and laser based

Just as everyone expected, Apple has released a Bluetooth version of the Mighty Mouse, bringing wireless capabilities to the peripheral for the first time. Like the recent FCC filing leak suggested, the device is powered by AA batteries, but according to the tech specs on Apple's site the new wirele...

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Bluetooth Mighty Mouse coming to a Mac near you

Ahh, thank goodness for the FCC. You see, one must get approval from the FCC before releasing anything with wireless technology in it, such as... oh let's say a Bluetooth Mighty Mouse. Pictured above you see a prototype for a cordless, Bluetooth Might Mouse from everyone's favorite Cupertino comput...

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How to Clean Your Mighty Mouse

Apple has released an updated technical support document on the proper way to clean your Mighty Mouse. As much as I like my Mighty Mouse, I do have to clean it way more often than I ever had to clean my other mice like the basic two-button/scrollwheel Logictech one that I've been using for years. Th...

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ADB Mighty Mouse

This is great. The industrious folks at bounav.free.fr have come up with a pretty cool mod. Specifically, they've put the guts of an Apple Mighty Mouse into the case of an old Apple ADB mouse, resulting in the ADB Mighty Mouse. The left click and right click functionality are both intact, as is the ...

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Your mighty mice!

Yesterday, we linked to an image that showed up on Flickr that seemed to be the red, glowing visage of a mouse as generated by the light on the underside of an Apple Mighty Mouse. Whether or not Apple intended for their mice to put on this little display is really irrelevant, as it's just fun to sh...

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Does the Mighty Mouse LED project a mouse?

This one is a bit weird, so bear with us. It seems that Flickr user Dan Bowels noticed that the light on the underside of his Mighty Mouse produces what (kind of) looks like a mouse's head on the surface of his desk. Has he stumbled upon an ultra-rare hardware easter egg, or is this just an optical ...

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