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Hands on: Connecting my mini to a TV

We bought our Olevia 47" on Black Friday, 2007. It wasn't a particularly well rated TV. But it was a Black Friday deal that we could afford and it gave us far more screen space than we'd thought we'd be able to purchase. It has served us well through the years, hosting any number of gadgets with i...

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MINI Roadside Assistance can get you and your MINI out of trouble spots

Our colleague, Sam Abuelsamid, at Autoblog has pointed out the release of a roadside assistance app from automaker MINI. The app, MINI Roadside Assistance [iTunes link], is a collaboration between the automaker and insurance company Allstate and allows one to access roadside assistance as well as th...

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Talkcast reminder: Potluck night tonight

Our weekly interactive podcast goes live at 10pm Eastern this evening, and it's going to be a potluck night on the show -- you bring whatever you want to talk about, and we'll bring our own casserole of TUAW news from the last week. We'll definitely talk about the new iPhone 3GS: how fast it is, h...

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Talkcast reminder: tonight at 10 pm, new Mac chat

Last week, Christina hosted Kai Cherry as they discussed Kai's new app Bang!Bang! and the emergence of firearm apps in the App Store. You can download the show from Talkshoe or subscribe in iTunes. Tonight, join the gang for a discussion of Tuesday's hardware announcements; it'll be worth calling...

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Tuesday is upon us: new Apple hardware

It's been busy in the dwarven mines of Cupertino, we can tell: much new iron has arrived today, and the store is back up (though getting hammered at the moment)! We'll go into detail on each of the announcements in the next hour or so, but here's the basic scoop: All of Apple's consumer desktops ha...

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Wired: New Mac mini to be announced at MWSF

Wired's Brian X. Chen writes that Apple will release a new version of the Mac mini at Macworld Expo early next month. Chen's unnamed source didn't disclose any details about the Mac mini, but Chen offered plenty of specification speculation. Based on "trends seen in Apple's latest products," Chen e...

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Opera: Apple won't let us in the App Store

Opera Software CEO Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner said in a New York Times interview yesterday that its engineers have developed a version of the Opera web browser that works on the iPhone, but Apple has rejected it for the App Store because it competes with Safari. This isn't unprecedented: Apple re...

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Whither the Mac mini?

Gizmodo is citing two major European retailers, who have said they are not expecting any more Mac mini shipments from Apple. This could mean one of two things: either a new model is soon to be announced, or the line will be discontinued as early as today's Q4 conference call. Many people love their ...

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Mac Mini home theater redux

A recent post at hicksdesign on turning a Mac Mini into a media center is very serendipitous for me, as I'm currently researching options (and buying hardware) to do just that. I've acquired a Mini, a couple of hardware items that I'm trying to decide between and several software solutions that I'm ...

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iPod Minis on sale at Woot

Remember the Mini? If you're in a retro mood today, you can pick a 4GB iPod up at sellout.woot for just $79 + $5 S/H. It's not a bad deal on an outdated iPod. In contrast, new 2GB shuffles are selling at Apple for $69 and refurbs 4GB nanos for $129 (including $15 gift cards). TUAW reader Greg writes...

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Mac Mini gets Steampunk'd

Steampunk. Since the late eighties, the genre has spawned a diverse lineup of books, movies and – perhaps most importantly – hardware mods. The playground ranges from Nerf guns to revamped R2D2s, but computers have likely been one of the most attractive targets for Steampunk modders. S...

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Behold the 24th Anniversary Mac

Forget the TAM. I want this thing. David Clausen decided to celebrate the Mac's longevity by making something special. So, he gutted the case of a 512K Mac (the case is in great shape, by the way), then inserted the workings of a Mac mini and a grayscale monitor. Add to that a LS-120 floppy disk dri...

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Classic mini jukebox

Here's an awesome project from over at 123Macmini-- James Colby hollowed out a Classic Mac, and stuck a ripped apart mini in there along with a new LCD, took Finder out of the interface and sent it straight to Front Row, and bingo-- a Classic mini jukebox. And I especially like that the Classic was ...

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The Mac mini: alive and upgraded

I love the Mac mini. It's the perfect computer. Small, cheap, embed-able, media-friendly. And today, the Steve announced that the mini line was not only not doomed but that it would receive a hardware refresh. Today! All of us who love the mini have been on pins and needles. It turns out not only we...

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MiniMail: iTunes' mini window makes it to Mail

A while ago, Derek Powazek proposed an idea for a mini Mail window based on the functionality of iTunes' mini option; hit the best fit button - the green one - in iTunes to get an idea, or simply check out Derek's post for an actual screenshot mockup of the concept. Fortunately, John Gruber just ...

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