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How to watch Major League Baseball games on your iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV

The 2014 Major League Baseball season kicked off this week, which means it is time to outfit all your devices with the right tools to catch every morale-crushing strikeout or game-winning homerun. To get the most complete coverage, you'll want to turn to Major League Baseball and its suite of apps...

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Major League Baseball offering gift subscriptions for MLB At Bat 2014

Major League Baseball has added the ability for users to gift MLB At Bat premium subscriptions to owners of iOS and Android devices. Previously the only way to give someone an MLB At Bat premium subscription was to buy them a generic credit card gift card and then have them use that card to...

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MLB to use iOS 7's iBeacons for customized stadium experiences

Major League Baseball's iOS developer for the MLB app, Marc Abramson, has told Mashable that MLB will be using iOS 7's iBeacons protocol to turn the At the Ballpark app into an interactive guide to stadiums. iBeacons are a new Core Location API in iOS 7 that allows any iOS device with a...

Continue Reading At Bat app embraces iOS 7

Just in time for the postseason,'s At Bat app has scored an update for iOS 7. Along with compatibility with the new version of iOS, the refresh brings with it postseason stat sections, a news feed and series scoreboards. But most importantly, the update adds the ability to watch multiple...

Continue Reading At Bat updated with new features ahead of All-Star game

With the Major League Baseball All-Star game set for July 16th at New York's Citi Field, the At Bat app has been graced with a number of new features designed to keep baseball fans who can't otherwise be glued to their TVs glued to their mobile devices. In addition to providing fans...

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Five apps to help you follow the 2013 baseball season

Major League Baseball kicked off its 2013 season last Sunday and we are entering our first full weekend of games. If you are ready to fill your iPhone or iPad with apps to follow every home run, then check out our list of some the best baseball apps available for iOS. apps [iPhone or...

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Out of the Park Baseball gets updated for the new season

Spring is here in the US. My Cubs are losing, and that must mean it's finally time for baseball season! MLB's official At Bat app is already out in the App Store if you want to listen to the real thing, but if you would rather have your pitching and hitting simulated, Out of the Park Baseball...

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MLB expands Passbook to 13 ballparks this season

Major League Baseball announced in New York City on Tuesday night that nine more ballparks will support Apple's Passbook ticketing system this season, according to GigaOm. The ballparks include the homes of the Minnesota Twins, Baltimore Orioles, Milwaukee Brewers, Oakland A's, Pittsburgh...

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Daily Update for February 22, 2013

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player...

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Apple's Passbook: Helping to make baseball tickets extinct

According to a post on MarketWatch today, Major League Baseball would love to stop selling paper tickets. It turns out that Apple's Passbook might very well help them to accomplish that goal during the next year. Traditional ticket sales have been dropping quite a bit anyway -- from 55 percent...

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MLB At Bat adds Ford Sync integration, more

Major League Baseball is entering its final month of regular season play and the playoffs are right around the corner. If you don't subscribe to At Bat 2012, now might be a good time to grab the iOS app and sign up for the service. A price decrease lets you subscribe to the rest of the...

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Pro baseball players and staff eager for new iPad

Major League Baseball spring training is well underway, and the 2012 season starts up in less than two weeks. We're anxious for the first pitch on opening day, but USA Today is reporting that MLB players and staff are excited about today's "season opener" for the new iPad. USA Today...

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MLB At Bat 12 now available on the App Store

Another sign that baseball season is just around the corner -- MLB At Bat 12 is now available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. The app is free, but that only gives you access to scores. If you want all of the goodies that make MLB At Bat the powerhouse app that it is, you need to do a in-app...

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MLB simplifies iPhone, iPad app pricing for MLB TV subscribers

For baseball fans, there's no happier day than Super Bowl Sunday, since we know that means that in a few weeks catchers and pitchers will be reporting for early Spring Training. Well, the pitchers and catchers are warming up and now another sign of spring has appeared -- news about pricing of Major...

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MLB may implement subscription next season

Major League Baseball has embraced social media and mobile devices in a big way and it looks like this early adoption is paying off. The MLB At Bat app was downloaded 1.6 million times across all mobile platforms and is reportedly the highest grossing app in the iTunes App Store, according to a...

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