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MobileMe launch date set: July 9th at 6 p.m. PT

Apple has just updated the .Mac status page with the date/time of the .Mac to MobileMe switch. So, for those of you wondering when Apple might start the switch will not have to wonder any longer. July 9th from 6 p.m. until 12 a.m. PT is the scheduled date and time. Apple says that during the switch,...

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Which upcoming goodie are you anticipating?

With only a week before July, we're eager to get our hands on the new goodies from Apple. With so much to look forward to and try out, we're wondering which of the pending updates you're most interested in. Is it Mobile Me's offer of "Exchange for the rest of us?" Perhaps it's iPhone software 2.0, o...

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MobileMe announced

Today Apple demoed the much anticipated MobileMe application that we were tipped to last month. Currently, we were correct in what we thought would be the features list: Web version of mail, calendars, and contacts (look similar to desktop apps) Old .Mac users will be transitioned over to Mobi...

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.Mac and Me rumors: TUAW inside look at Apple's next-gen service

What's next for .Mac, Apple's much-maligned online service offering for OS X users? TUAW has learned that .Mac will no longer be sold by Apple after WWDC, as new users will migrate to the new MobileMe service (not too shocking, given the swirling rumors as of late). Existing users will have their @m...

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Apple buys "" domain name?

TUAW is hearing that Apple recently acquired the domain name "" This domain name, would of course agree with the recent rumors of the .Mac re-branding to gain the "Mobile Me" name. However, the domain name is currently in the hands of Apple's registrar, Mark Monitor. When you query the ...

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'Mobile Me' the new name of .Mac?

As Mat noted last night, it's looking like a name change is in store for the .Mac service. and Deep Apple (via Daring Fireball) have found some additional interesting strings in the newest release of the iPhone SDK, building on strings found in other parts of the Mac OS X update (iC...

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Proof that Apple will be launching a mobile service?

Take this with several grains of salt, but an anonymous tipster has sent the above photo to us of what appears to be an Apple branded SIM card (or an iTunes gift card modified to look like a SIM card). Our tipster says that Apple is about 85% ready to roll out a cell service using the moniker Mobil...

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Apple trademarks "Mobile Me"

According to Apple Insider, Apple has filed a request with the United States Patent and Trademark Office to trademark the phrase "Mobile Me." The request is divided into four main sections. The first concerns, "...Computer services; computer data recovery; data analysis being computer...

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