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iOS Safari receiving Google Instant Previews support

Formerly only for desktop browser searches, 9 to 5 Mac is reporting that Google "Instant Previews" is being rolled out for mobile Safari users as well. This new service allows iOS Safari users to get a quick visual preview of sites within their search results without having to actually click throug...

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360 Panorama: view augmented reality panoramas in Mobile Safari

We've talked about 360 Panorama before -- it's a cool app that lets you capture 360° panoramic photos in real time by just moving your iPhone around in a circle. The $0.99 app (available here) has been out for a while, but keeps receiving amazing updates that improve its functionality and wow ...

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iPhone URL display poses potential security threat

Security research specialist Nitesh Dhanjani has demonstrated how mobile Safari's ability to hide a web page's URL can be used to trick users. Specifically, his proof-of-concept site shows a "fake" URL filed once the real one has been hidden, preventing users from realizing that they're not looking ...

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Safari tip: Force HTML5 video to open instead of Flash

As more people get fed up with the poor performance and security flaws of Adobe's Flash Player, they are uninstalling the Flash plug-in from their computers. The problem is that even if a site offers up HTML5 video as an alternative to Flash, trying to get to it from Safari on a Mac will pop up the...

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Google Instant beta now available on iOS devices

[Changed screenshot to reflect Instant UI, sorry for the mixup. –Ed.] Google's Instant search service is now up and running on its mobile sites as well -- when you hit up on your iPhone or iPad's Mobile Safari browser, you'll see search results appear as you type your query in. You ...

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Facebook disabled iPad mobile Safari zooming?

I noticed it first a few days ago. Then people started emailing me about it. Now it's gaining increased mention on Twitter and the rest of the net: when you go to on your iPad you can no longer use the pinch and zoom features of iPad's mobile Safari web browser on the site. Reader St...

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TUAW Tips: Play internet radio in background on your iPad

Those of us who love to stream internet radio on our iPads can quickly turn into ogres when we switch to another app and the music stops. Until the iPad supports iOS 4 (soon) we're stuck with no background capability, which makes background streaming impossible.The folks over at FairerPlatform have ...

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Enjoy background audio with MLB's At Bat

As if I weren't excited enough to buy Major League Baseball's (MLB) iPhone app At Bat (here's an example of my previous gushing), they've added a new feature that makes it easy to listen to games while using other apps. While Apple doesn't allow 3rd party apps to run in the background on the iPho...

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Find My iPhone now works in Mobile Safari

Apple's MobileMe site at used to be completely useless on the iPhone or iPod touch in Mobile Safari -- you'd get a splash page telling you to set up your contacts, calendars, and mail accounts, but that was about it. No webmail access, no direct access to galleries, iDisk, or even Find My ...

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New Gmail Mobile site released for iPhone (and Android)

Back in March I made a plea for a native Gmail application on the iPhone. As it turned out, Google was working on a new version of the Gmail Mobile site that takes advantage of HTML5 features like database storage to provide caching functionality on the iPhone and Android phones. The demo was compel...

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iPhone OS 3.0 brings the speed for JavaScript

Ars is reporting the 3.0 speed improvements to Mobile Safari's JavaScript engine range from 3x to 16x -- a blessed boon to web developers everywhere. No one seems to know if Mobile Safari will be sporting Nitro or SquirrelFish or what, but whatever it is, it'll be faster. If you check out the benchm...

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Third-party apps enhance web browsing for iPhone, iPod touch

Earlier this week, there was a sudden influx of web browsing applications in the App Store. Mac Rumors points out that some of them, most notably Edge Browser [App Store link], have very old release dates even though they only showed up in the store recently (Edge Browser's release date is listed as...

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iPhone 101: Add mobile websites to home screen

Many websites and services offer great mobile versions without being packaged in an App Store application. If you want to be able to quickly access these sites from your home screen, follow these steps: Launch Safari on your iPhone Browse to a desired mobile site (most sites will automatically...

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Mobile Safari search via toolbar points to clearer results

Google quietly fixed a problem yesterday that bugged at least a few iPhone users -- the results page it returned when searching through the toolbar in Mobile Safari. In a pre-Tuesday world, Google would return its standard, not-iPhone-formatted results page. Why? I honestly don't know, but person...

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British ad watchdogs nix iPhone "whole internet" claim

What is the "whole internet," anyway? Is it a place you can go, or is it really just an idea? Can you put it in your pants? Apparently not, if the UK's Advertising Standards Authority's point of view is to be taken as gospel. Complaints to the oversight agency by British consumers who were dissatisf...

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