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How to search a webpage for a specific word in mobile Safari

One of the great, and yet little known, features in mobile Safari is that it allows you to search a webpage for a specific word. This feature is a lifesaver if you happen to come across a lengthy article, for example, and want to quickly skip ahead to a particular segment of the document. Here's ho...

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iOS 7 video tip: View tweeted links in Mobile Safari

Today's video tip highlights a little-known feature in Safari under iOS 7. At any time while you're using the mobile browser, tap on the bookmarks button, then tap the "@" button to see links that have been shared via Twitter by people you follow. Once you've found a link you want to look at, tap...

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Snoopy lets you examine websites with Mobile Safari

One of the weaknesses of mobile web browsers is the lack of a simple way to view a website's source information. Sure you could wait until you got home to examine how a site is built, but we live in the future. Waiting till we get home is very 2012. That's where Snoopy comes in. Snoopy is a boo...

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Reading TUAW on your iPhone 5 or iPad (or, yes, even another tablet!)

TUAW has had an iPhone/iPod touch compatible app for a long time. The development of the app is handled by our parent company AOL, not TUAW, so we don't have control over when the app is updated for things like the new iPhone 5 screen. Even more frustratingly, there is no iPad version of the TUAW ...

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Tip: Making ITPC links work with the official Podcasts app

My iPhone 5 arrived last Friday, and because my old iPhone 4 had gotten so cluttered with apps, I decided that instead of restoring from an old backup, I would go ahead and just start over completely. Most of my important documents and logins are all stored in iCloud, so it wasn't a big probl...

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Apple offers a peek into updated Mobile Safari, Photo Stream

During today's WWDC 2012 Keynote, Scott Forstall provided a peek at new features expected in Mobile Safari when iOS 6 ships. There's now an offline reading list in Mobile Safari, making it simple to capture web pages for viewing without a cellular or Wi-Fi connection. That'll work great durin...

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Will iOS 5's Safari deliver better support for web editors?

One of the long-standing frustrations for anyone who's tried to edit blog posts or web documents using Mobile Safari is the absence of support for the HTML5 contentEditable attribute. The attribute, which began as an Internet Explorer 5.5 feature and later found its way into most modern browsers,...

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Amazon Cloud Player now streams music on the iPhone and iPad

We're not sure how long this has been possible, but at launch, Amazon's Cloud Player refused to stream songs from your Cloud Drive in Mobile Safari, with the only alternative being selecting 'Download' instead of play. Now Amazon has quietly flicked the switch that allows Cloud Player to work p...

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How to: Listen to your Amazon Cloud Player music on your iOS device

[H/t to Mashable's Christina Warren, who wrote this up yesterday. We independently arrived at the same place and had not seen Christina's writeup. - Ed.] Have you signed up for Amazon Cloud? It's a newly launched service that offers 5 GB of free online cloud storage and affordable paid plans up...

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Mobile Safari's privacy settings give web marketers headaches

Those who make their money by working out who sent you to visit which websites via what adverts are scratching their heads and popping the Advil over what to do about Mobile Safari, which automatically blocks third-party cookies by default. This makes it difficult for ad servers, tracking sys...

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iOS Safari receiving Google Instant Previews support

Formerly only for desktop browser searches, 9 to 5 Mac is reporting that Google "Instant Previews" is being rolled out for mobile Safari users as well. This new service allows iOS Safari users to get a quick visual preview of sites within their search results without having to actually click throug...

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360 Panorama: view augmented reality panoramas in Mobile Safari

We've talked about 360 Panorama before -- it's a cool app that lets you capture 360° panoramic photos in real time by just moving your iPhone around in a circle. The $0.99 app (available here) has been out for a while, but keeps receiving amazing updates that improve its functionality and wow ...

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iPhone URL display poses potential security threat

Security research specialist Nitesh Dhanjani has demonstrated how mobile Safari's ability to hide a web page's URL can be used to trick users. Specifically, his proof-of-concept site shows a "fake" URL filed once the real one has been hidden, preventing users from realizing that they're not looking ...

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Google Instant beta now available on iOS devices

[Changed screenshot to reflect Instant UI, sorry for the mixup. –Ed.] Google's Instant search service is now up and running on its mobile sites as well -- when you hit up on your iPhone or iPad's Mobile Safari browser, you'll see search results appear as you type your query in. You ...

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Facebook disabled iPad mobile Safari zooming?

I noticed it first a few days ago. Then people started emailing me about it. Now it's gaining increased mention on Twitter and the rest of the net: when you go to on your iPad you can no longer use the pinch and zoom features of iPad's mobile Safari web browser on the site. Reader St...

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