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Six Ngmoco iPad titles revealed

In his panel at GDC last week, Ngmoco's Neil Young dropped the news that his company was going all out with their freemium business model -- not only are they releasing twenty iPhone titles by the end of this year, but they're planning on having six iPad titles ready to go right away at launch. Tou...

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Report: Apple signs new iPhone manufacturer, rumored to work on CDMA iPhone

Apple has reportedly signed up with a new manufacturer in China to help produce the next generation of the iPhone -- Pegatron will be joining Foxconn in putting together parts for Apple's next handheld unit, we hear courtesy of the always talkative "industry sources." The company has been rumored t...

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Rumor: Apple to offer iTunes subscription model

According to the Financial Times, Apple is (still) considering an "all-you-can-eat" subscription model, which is strange, because why would anyone want to eat digital music? They must mean "listen." Yes, as speculated before (in order to figure out what Jobs will be doing in a year, just listen to w...

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"Podmaps" concept patent sought by Apple

AppleInsider has uncovered news of an Apple patent application for a software concept called a "podmap," which is more or less what it sounds like -- a series of maps or driving directions accompanied by an audio version of the same, downloadable into a portable media device. The way I understand ...

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Bryce 5 free until September 6th

DAZ Productions is the latest software company to have been struck by the 'let's give it away for free!' bug, as they have placed a $0 price tag on Bryce 5 for both Mac and PC - but only until Sept. 6th. For those who are scratching their heads over this 'Bryce' business: it's a 3D design app which...

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Google releases SketchUp for Mac OS X

Of course, with the Universal release of Google Earth, Google has also kicked out a Mac OS X version of their recently-purchased SketchUp, a 3D modeling app for the masses. If you need a quick explanation, here's one as good as any from their site: "Adding a deck? Remodeling your kitchen? From simpl...

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