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Mechanized joystick built to control iPhone tilt sensor, rack up high score

What do you do when you just can't get that high score you're looking for in Tilt to Live? You build a computer that's better at playing the game than you are. For Shane Wighton, that turned out to be a mechanized joystick for tilt-controlled iPhone games. When Shane couldn't achieve the score wa...

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Swap out your iPhone 4's rear glass with a replacement panel from voBack

A few days ago, one of our readers emailed us to ask, "Is this a photo of the Verizon iPhone, or a Chinese knockoff?" It only took me a couple seconds to realize it was neither; it was a voBack replacement iPhone 4 rear panel from Fixxed, a company based out of Christchurch, New Zealand. I'd seen a...

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MacBook Air powers four screens simultaneously

We're going to be agreeable and assume this picture of a MacBook Air powering 4 displays isn't a Photoshop job (It's Friday and we're in a good mood). From right to left, we've got: An old-school, 20" Apple Cinema Display A 7-inch Mimo 720-S USB display The MacBook Air itself An honest-t...

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iPad portrait light array for photographers

Here's an interesting way to use 9 iPads. Photographer Jesse Rosten mounted the set on several pieces of plywood, maxed out the brightness on each and had assistants move then around while he shot his model. In fact, the iPad arrays were the only light sources for this particular shoot. Was it a ...

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Plex running on a jailbroken Apple TV

That didn't take long. Shortly after the Apple TV was successfully jailbroken, someone has gotten Plex up and running. For now, it's quite buggy (see a video after the break) and limited to video, which means no photos or music. But hey, it's running! Plex is a media center for the Mac, and pulls...

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PhotoFast offers MacBook Air upgrade

While the MacBook Air is turning heads with its good looks and surprising performance, the paltry 64GB of storage on the base 11.6-inch model has some disappointed. Fortunately, PhotoFast has produced a module that boosts capacity to 265GB and tosses in USB 3.0 to boot. Here's how it works. The P...

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Metal cover serves as DIY iPhone backplate

Worried about the glass back of your iPhone 4 getting smashed? If you have $13 and a few minutes, Hong Kong manufacturer CNN (Cellular Nationwide Network) can supply you with a nice looking aluminum backplate to replace the glass. According to the original "how-to" post on Unplggd, the metal back i...

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Hacked MacBook reborn as a tablet

Here's a clever repurposing of an older MacBook. Matt of Enigma Penguin took it upon himself to convert the MacBook into a touch-based tablet with interesting results. After taking the MacBook apart and removing non-functional hardware, Matt ordered a third-party touchscreen. Once it arrived...

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Found Footage: Jailbroken Apple TV 2

Happy Friday, all. As you might have expected, things are moving along quite rapidly on the Apple TV Jailbreak front. Although we're still not close to a public release, it looks like things are moving apace. This latest video demonstrates a 2nd generation Apple TV jailbreak using the iPhone dev...

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How to kill that Ping drop-down in iTunes 10

Apple recently updated iTunes to version 10.0.1 which, among other things, added drop-down access to Ping, Apple's social network for iTunes customers, into your library. Some of you like Ping more than others, and there are those in the latter group who are completely disinterested. The Mac Obse...

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How to replace iTunes 10's grey with eye-popping black

Several iTunes 10 users were less than thrilled with the new all-grey UI theme. I've gotten used to it, but I agree it was a bit prettier with the color icons in the sidebar. Here's how you can replace the grey entirely with an eye-popping, high-contrast black and white. First, quit iTunes. Then ...

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Apple Newton to be reborn as iPhone case

Isn't it nice when siblings get along? Here's an idea for using a dead, hollowed-out Newton Message Pad as an Phone case. Case hacker Charles Mangin has had success with other projects, like the Mac Plus G4, the Mac mini stuffed into an Apple Disk II floppy drive and the iNewt. So far he's only comp...

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First generation Apple TV owners: checkout aTV Flash

Like many first generation Apple TV owners, I was sad to see that we were being left behind with the advent of the new Apple TV. That said, I have no plans to get rid of my original Apple TV. In fact, Apple's decision spurred me to take action I have been thinking about for a long time: installing a...

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Cool mod: iPhone as digital microscope

Here's a great and super-simple mod that turns an iPhone 4 into a portable digital microscope. Using an inexpensive microscope found on Amazon (seven bucks as of this writing), an iPhone case and some superglue, this user has hacked together a stable, portable digital microscope that also takes ...

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Found Footage: DIY iPhone 4 guitar cam

How we love the ingenuity of Apple fans. This enterprising musician took some scissors and a roll of oh-so-useful duct tape to an iPhone 4 box to create the awesome guitar cam you see above. Inside the iPhone 4 box is a section of plastic that separates the phone from the accessories. There'...

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