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Kinect running on OS X

Microsoft recently released its Kinect motion sensor system for the Xbox 360 -- it's a little camera-equipped device that plugs into the game console and lets you control game titles, Wii-style, with just your body in lieu of any actual controllers. Just a few days after release, the hardware was h...

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MacSaber might be the coolest use of motion sensor in some Mac portables ever. Simply install this beta, and swing your MacBook (or other laptop) around. Suddenly your laptop is a laptop no longer, nay, it is a light saber! I must admit that I almost threw my MacBook across the room fooling around w...

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MultiAlarm for Powerbook/iBook

You may remember iAlertU, the "theft alarm" that you can configure to go off when your MacBook Pro is moved (by unauthorized hands, that is), by making use of the Mac's motion detector. It's a pretty nice idea, but it leaves Powerbook users out in the cold. Enter MultiAlarm. It works in a ...

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