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Tag: mouse

Caturday: cat and mouse

Reader Jeffrey H. sends in this snapshot of Gorky going to town on an uncaring mouse....

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Turning an old Apple mouse into a modern Bluetooth mouse

This Instructable is a pretty sweet project that some of you might want to take on this weekend: It'll teach you how to combine an 80s-era Apple mouse body with the innards of a modern Bluetooth wireless mouse, thus turning Apple's user interface innovation into a device usable with almost any ...

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Microsoft introduces Explorer Touch, a Lion-compatible mouse

Despite what people may think, here at TUAW we do try to be pretty objective about Apple and its many products and services. Yes, they've made a lot of awesome stuff (and sure, they've made some big mistakes), but that doesn't mean that we can't give props to other companies every so often. L...

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TUAW's Daily Mac App: Moom

Window managers are numerous on the Mac, with most relying on keyboard shortcuts or edge snapping. Moom is different. Moom integrates into the existing Apple UI by providing a pop-up menu when you hover your mouse over the green "maximize" button in the top left-hand corner of your window. Cl...

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Malcom Gladwell discusses Steve Jobs with NPR

If you missed Malcolm Gladwell's article, Creation Myth: Xerox PARC, Apple, and the Truth about Innovation, in the May 16 issue of The New Yorker, then you should tune into a recent episode of NPR's All Things Considered. In this seven-minute interview, Gladwell talks about Steve Jobs and his now ...

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Certain USB hubs could cause system instability on Macs

Stumble up to your Mac first thing in the morning, tap the keyboard to wake it up and -- what? I incorrectly disconnected my Time Machine backup drive? I never touched it, I swear! Turns out, this is not my fault for once. Apple has just released a support note explaining how, in a certain co...

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Apple patent suggests multi-touch keyboards might be in the future

A new Apple patent uncovered by MacRumors showcases the work of FingerWorks, which Apple purchased in 2005. FingerWorks, best known now for being the base of today's gesture-recognition technology, produced the TouchStream multi-touch keyboard early last decade. However, as demonstrated in certai...

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Become a creative multitasker with IOGraph

Ever feel like spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations weren't your true calling? Do you yearn to have a more creative side but can't find the time with all your office commitments? I've got just the thing for you. IOGraph is a fun little app for Mac OS X and Windows that turns all the starts, ...

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Mac 101: Adjusting your mouse and trackpad speed

More Mac 101, our series of tips and tricks for novice Mac users. If you've ever used the trackpad on a PC laptop connected to an external monitor and noticed how many times you have to swipe your finger across the pad to get the mouse cursor from one screen to the other, the end result can be qu...

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Magic Mouse draining Bluetooth keyboard batteries

There's a group of users on Apple's Discussion Boards who claim that their Bluetooth keyboards have been devouring batteries since they started using a Magic Mouse. Despite switching to rechargeable batteries and running all pertinent updates, the problem persists. Most of the thread's participants ...

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Magic Mouse doubles Apple's mouse market share

AppleInsider is reporting that in only eight weeks since its release, the Magic Mouse has helped Apple double its mouse market share. NPD Group sales data shows Apple garnered over 10% of the mouse market in November. I can personally attest to how popular the mouse is. I ordered one from Apple's...

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Hands-on with the Magic Mouse

Well, I got my Magic Mouse a few days ago, and I've been using it for my everyday tasks for a few days (and I'm still using it), and here are my impressions. Packaging: This packaging is clear, showing the actual Magic Mouse, just like the packaging that Apple has been using recently for ...

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The Apple tablet that wasn't

TechCrunch has posted pictures of what they're calling an "unlaunched Apple tablet." In 1990, as the story goes, Apple was supposedly working on a pen-based touchscreen tablet called the Pen Mac that was actually extremely small for the time -- just about an inch thick, with a screen the same size ...

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Apple's newest peripheral is the Magic Mouse

As rumored, Apple has just introduced a new mouse called the Magic Mouse. This mouse will bring Multi-Touch capabilities to desktop Macs for the first time, something that the iPhone has had since its release in June 2007 and the MacBook Air since it was released in February 2008. It loses the sc...

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Ask TUAW: Joystick as mouse, remote access, PC friendly zip files, and more

Welcome back to Ask TUAW, our weekly troubleshooting Q&A column. This week we've got questions about using a joystick as a mouse, remotely accessing a Mac from a PC, creating zip files without the Mac-specific metadata, replicating certain Windows features, and more. As always, your suggestions...

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