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AMC Yeah! hits iPad today, brings tasty movie facts and extras

If you're the kind of person that lives for Blu-ray bonus extras like interviews and obscure movie factoids, AMC's new streaming service might be just the fit for you. It's called Yeah! (the worst name ever, by the way) and it's available for the iPad today. The app features a wealth of classic...

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Apple posts 'Best of 2013' section on iTunes, highlights the year's best apps, songs, movies and more

Apple has posted its annual Best of 2013 list across all media types, including music, movies, TV shows, apps, books and podcasts. According to Apple's seasoned editors, the iPhone App of the Year went to Duolingo, a free app designed to teach users new languages via clever mini-games. iPhone...

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Daily iPhone App: Top Movies is a clever app for finding movies

Top Movies - A Zoomable Timeline of Movies is a free app that will appeal to movie fans. When you open it, you see posters for the top movies of the decade. Pinching zooms you in to see top films of a particular year, and zooming in all the way will show you films by actual release date. Tap a film...

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Apple's iPad to join Disney's Little Mermaid in theaters in worst idea ever

Disney has announced plans to rerelease The Little Mermaid to theaters on September 20 in a move that should fill any fan of classic animation with glee. Of course it's not just a rerelease, or we wouldn't be talking about it on TUAW. No, this rerelease is dubbed The Little Mermaid: Second Screen...

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Star Trek Into Darkness released on iTunes ahead of DVD

I'm not a die-hard Star Trek fan, so all you Trekkies out there will have to forgive me for saying this -- I thoroughly enjoyed Star Trek Into Darkness. While a few friends of mine, all seasoned Star Trek aficionados, had a laundry list of complaints about the movie, I found it to be...

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'Jobs' movie review roundup

Jobs hits theaters today, and the reviews are piling up faster than unsold Surface tablets (I'm sorry, that was mean). The early verdicts are not particularly flattering, and the flick currently has a 25 percent rating at Rotten Tomatoes and more-favorable-but-still-low 43 out of 100 on...

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'Jobs' actor knew next to nothing about Apple prior to the iPod

Today marks the release of the highly anticipated Apple origins flick Jobs, and while actor Josh Gad will do his best on the silver screen to emulate a young Steve Wozniak, Gad himself knew very little of Apple's history prior to reading the script. The 32-year-old actor spoke with Mashable about...

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Apple features incredibly cheap movie bundles sale on iTunes (Updated)

Apple is currently offering a sale on movie bundles in the iTunes Store with some very good deals indeed. For example, you can buy the Harry Potter Complete Collection, which features all eight Harry Potter movies in HD for only US$9.99 (Update -- the price has gone back up to $59.99). That's a...

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Takes for iPhone creates videos to share

Takes is a free iPhone app that turns still images taken with the app into "moving pictures" and then stitches them together into a video montage. The resulting movie can be up to a minute long, and then music can be added from your own library or an included library of clips. The app recreates...

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Efexio adds Hollywood style visual effects to your iOS videos

Efexio is a free universal app (with many in-app purchase options) that lets you add professional visual effects to videos you shoot on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. The app comes with free dinosaur and dragon effects, and you can purchase more from within the app. The extra effects are US$1.99...

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Daily iPad App: SpiritClips from Hallmark brings family-friendly programming to your iPad

SpiritClips from Hallmark has a star-filled history. It was founded in 2007 by filmmaker Rob Fried who produced the inspiring film Rudy and worked on the equally uplifting flick Hoosiers. Fried originally founded SpiritClips as way to showcase inspirational short films and e-video cards. In the...

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Netflix adds profile support to Apple TV, iOS apps

If you're a Netflix subscriber, you may know the pain of having multiple people in your household whose tastes in movies may mess up your profile. You like action and adventure films, but one of the kids wants animated kids movies and poof, your profile is a mess. Netflix is rolling out fixes for...

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Nice featurette shows Kutcher as Steve Jobs

The Steve Jobs biopic starring Ashton Kutcher, aptly titled Jobs, is scheduled to hit theaters nationwide on August 16th. With the release date steadily approaching, a publicity push for the film is in full force. Just last week we reported on how Jobs star Ashton Kutcher appeared on The Tonight...

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Ashton Kutcher discusses playing Steve Jobs with Jay Leno

Appearing on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno to promote his upcoming film JOBS, Ashton Kutcher talked about what prompted him to take on the role of Steve Jobs while also expressing regret for not meeting the Apple co-founder when he had a chance. A transcript of the video is below. Incidentally,...

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Five apps for the summer blockbuster movie season

Summer is reaching its peak which means the blockbuster movie season is in full swing. Below is a list of five movie apps, hand-picked by the folks at TUAW, to test your movie trivia and make your movie watching experience more enjoyable. Check out the list below and add your own recommendations in...

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