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Royalty-free H.264 is a big win for HTML5, big loss for Flash

Update: Mozilla responds, saying that by 2014 (when the original fee-free license for H.264 would have expired) chances are the codec won't be relevant anymore. So far, one of the main arguments against widespread implementation of HTML5 video has been the uncertain licensing future of the H.264 ...

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Firefox Home available for iOS

Firefox Home is now available for iOS. Although not a full-featured web browser in its own right, the app is probably as close as we're going to get to running Firefox on an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. Firefox Home is a strange app, so first let's look at what it is. According to the description...

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Mozilla submits Firefox Home to the App Store

Those who've wanted Firefox on the iPhone will soon get their wish. Kind of. Mozilla has announced that Firefox Home has been submitted to Apple for review. Don't let the name "Firefox" fool you, because Home isn't really a web browser. It works in concert with the Firefox sync add-on for the des...

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Prism single-site browser goes 1.0 beta

The concept of a single-site browser or site-specific browser (SSB, either way) is simple: give me a window with one website in it, preferably a desktop application replacement like Gmail, RTM, Basecamp or Zoho, and let that window behave like a regular application with its own Dock icon, notificati...

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Postbox Beta 8 solves issues, adds QuickLook support

If you're in the market for a new email client to try, I mentioned Postbox a few weeks ago. Late yesterday, the Postbox team released beta 8, which features an improved conversation view, and new and improved support for QuickLook, Flickr, Hotmail, and Growl. The beta also fixes many bugs found by u...

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TUAW First Look: Postbox Public Beta

Postbox, the email client built for heavy email users, entered Public Beta on Sunday. Postbox is designed to allow you to search, organize, and manage your email more more efficiently. Postbox includes a powerful search tool that lets you use Gmail-style search terms (like "from:Steve" or "before A...

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Screaming fast Mozilla browser Minefield gives a glimpse of Firefox's future

I was really disappointed when Google released their Chrome web browser for Windows only. When it comes to browsers, I've tried them all. Right now I regularly switch between Firefox and the latest nightly build from Webkit (essentially Safari). Firefox has the extensibility I rely on, while Webkit ...

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Camino 1.6.3 released

Camino, the best Gecko-based browser NOT named Firefox 3, has just been updated to version 1.6.3. This update, which seems to have rolled in 1.6.2 along with it (at least I never got the 1.6.2 notification, and I use Camino pretty frequently), sports the latest update to the Gecko 1.8.1 branch, incl...

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Mozilla Sunbird 0.8 for Mac OS X

You hate Entourage, and you're not particularly fond of iCal. You've waited endlessly for Nighthawk, Contactizer Pro is too complicated, and you want a native app instead of using Google Calendar or another web calendar. And, since you're saving money for an iPhone 3G, you don't want to spend any m...

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Firefox 3 Download Day a huge success

The graphic above says it all -- Firefox 3 Download Day was a success, with 8,002,530 downloads in 24 hours. Amazingly, this happened despite all of the initial download glitches that happened on Download Day. The Mozilla team is reporting that 29,116,621 copies of Firefox 3 have been downloaded a...

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Despite a rough start, Firefox 3 Download Day a success

As reported earlier here on TUAW, Firefox 3 Download Day began with a whimper instead of a bang. Starting shortly after the official launch, TUAW received a number of tips from readers who tried downloading the vulpine browser and got...nothing. It appears that things cleared up fairly quickly. Seve...

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Sneaky Safari Updater opinion roundup

The news that Apple has stealthily included Safari in its Software Updater bounced all over the Mac blogosphere today, and earned cheers and jeers (well, mostly jeers). Here's a quick roundup. The most attention probably comes from John Lilly, CEO of Mozilla, who unequivocally calls the decision...

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RIP Netscape Navigator (1994 - 2008)

Soon, Netscape Navigator - the first highly successful graphical web browser (yeah, yeah, I know Mosaic came before Netscape, but I don't remember seeing Mosaic floppy-disks bundled with my PC World and Macworld magazines in 1995, at least not under the name "Mosaic") - will be nothing more than a f...

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Donate to Camino, it'll make you feel better

We Mac users take our web browsers seriously, which helps account for the fact that there are just so many of them to choose from. For my money the top browser on OS X is Camino (though Safari 3 is closing in fast). Camino, as you can see from the accompanying picture here, makes a big deal out of i...

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Is Apple aiming at Firefox?

John Lilly, COO of Mozilla, has a bone to pick with Steve Jobs and Apple. As you might imagine, John keeps an eye on the browser market space, and he was interested to see Apple port Safari to Windows. This was a big deal, but the slide above had John worried. As you can see the pie chart shows Int...

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