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Concept: the iPod shuffle bracelet

This seems pointless and yet brilliant at the same time, somehow -- iPhone Savior has concept pictures of the iPod shuffle extended out into a bracelet. You can already find lots of straps and wristbands for the shuffle, and with that clip on it, it's designed to be jewelry anyway, so why not carr...

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7digital launches MP3 store with all 4 major labels

7digital launched an all-MP3 digital music store featuring songs from all four major labels: Sony BMG, Universal, Warner, and EMI. The tracks are DRM-free and encoded at 320kbps. Currently, the store is available to users in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Italy and Portugal. 7digi...

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TUAW Review: Napster MP3 store

As we noted yesterday, Napster has now rolled out the world's largest DRM-free MP3 store. In the spirit of the Amazon MP3 review we ran last year, I thought I would take Napster for a spin to see how the service works from a Mac-user's perspective. The first thing to note is that this is a download...

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Dance piece, for iPod shuffle

Apparently this iPod-enabled dance performance has been around for quite a while (here's an NYT piece on it from 2006), but it's the first we've heard of it, and it's pretty amazing. The 87-year-old choreographer, Merce Cunningham, who has collaborated with John Cage and Andy Warhol among others, ha...

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ZOMG MySpace vs iTunes

Ohai ZOMG. Realz! MySpace can has fab nu Music cheezburger. Wurks with iPod, all 4 awzom Muzik labels! Dayz wil haz MP3 for $$. "MySpaceMusic" so kyoot! Universal Music/MySpace fwends -- bai bai "copyright-infringement lawsuit" for realz. iTunes ftl. MySpace ftw. kthxbai....

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Warner Music Group ditches DRM, on Amazon MP3 only

You'll be hard pressed to find anyone outside of the Music Industry who thinks that DRM is a good thing, and today it looks like more people in the Music Industry are seeing the error of their ways. Warner Music Group has announced that starting today people can buy their entire digital catalog via...

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Ringtonator Studio makes ringtones from any QT format

We wrote about Ringtonator a while back, reader Joe's GUI program that used Cleverboy's hack to make ringtones. At the time, we were looking for a program that didn't require AAC, where you could pull any mp3 out and turn it into an official ringtone on iTunes. Then 7.4.2 hit, and we had bigger prob...

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Amazon launching DRM-free MP3 download service

Around this time last year I wrote that Amazon had scrapped ideas for a music download service to focus on their movie streaming service. Turns out that was wrong. Today Amazon has announced that they will, in fact, be launching their very own downloadable music store. The kicker? All downloads will...

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Xmod giveaway WINNER

Thanks to everyone who entered the Xmod Giveaway! We only had one unit, which means only one winner. A big congratulations to Morgan-William in Brooklyn, who proved it is possible to leave a comment on a post-- and wind up with a cool Xmod from Creative. We're hoping to roll out some more giveaways ...

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2008 Ford Escape offers "standard" iPod jack

What struck me about this article about the 2008 Ford Escape was the following line: "The instrument panel houses audio and climate controls, a standard MP3/iPod audio jack, and controls for the available heated seats and in-dash navigation system." Not only has the MP3 audio jack become standard, b...

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PodcastConverter Automator action: automatically turn your podcasts into audiobooks

The other day, I said that slowing down podcasts sounded like a great job for automator. TUAW reader Dave agreed, and sent us a link to his PodastConverter (jpg) Automator action. Dave takes the long way around and follows the conventional wisdom of turning the podcasts into audiobooks rather than ...

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Make Jessica Simpson say your name

This is kind of neat. Yahoo! Music is offering a customized MP3 of Jessica Simpson's song 'A Public Affair.' What is customized about it? If your name is on a predetermined list you can buy a version of the song that includes your name in the lyrics for only $1.99. Scott is currently on the list, b...

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Call Recorder plugin for Skype

Call Recorder from Ecamm Network is a Skype plugin that allows you to record your calls (interviews, podcasts, etc.) as two-track AAC files for that perfect 'edited for your blackmailing pleasure' effect (calls can also be converted to MP3 for the AAC-haters in the audience). A recent version update...

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The iPod killers of summer '06

Companies are still trying to find that elusive iPod killer that they know must be out there. Competition is a good thing, so I thought I would link to MP3newswire's report of the contenders this summer. The article lists a dizzying array of MP3 players in every form factor you can think of. Some ha...

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Logic Express 7.2.1 maintenance release

Logic Express has been updated to version 7.2.1. This is mainly a maintenance release, tackling compatibility and reliability with the following issues: Intel Macs: ReWire and ReCycle support, Standard MIDI file export, OMF import, VSL EXS instrument compatibility Blank Sample Editor window i...

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