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Tag: multitasking

iPhone OS 4 beta 3 adds orientation lock, iPod controls to multitasking bar

9to5Mac reports that new features have been added to the iPhone's multitasking bar as of the release of iPhone OS 4 beta 3 earlier today. Swiping left from the multitasking bar now accesses a new set of controls. On the far left is an orientation lock, which disables the iPhone's auto-switching betw...

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Desktop for iPad plays some 'multitasking' tricks that are useful

Desktop for iPad tries to bring a little (sort of) multitasking joy into your life. Through some split screen tricks, it can give you a browser and let you write an email on the same screen. Of course, you can cut and paste between the two. You can also use the split screen functionality to accommod...

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iPhone OS 4.0: Enterprise Features

Apple has posted an outline of what it believes to be the key enterprise features of iPhone OS 4.0. Third-party multitasking, enhanced security and mobile device management are among the marquee features. As a former IT director, I'm drawn in by mobile device management (MDM). Setting up individu...

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A first week with the iPad

How has week #1 with the iPad been? Pretty good actually. I wasn't going to get one, but while on a TUAW assignment to get some photos... and kinda sorta held up my hand and did the deed. I'm glad I did. It's now a constant companion. I actually prefer surfing the web with it over my laptop becau...

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Poll: Will you be upgrading your iPhone hardware to take advantage of multitasking?

Multitasking is the number one requested feature since the iPhone launched almost three years ago. With the introduction of iPhone OS 4 SDK, Apple has finally brought multitasking to the iPhone and iPod touch. The catch is that you need to have a 3rd gen iPod touch (released in 32 and 64GB versio...

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iPhone OS 4.0: Multitasking support hidden away for pre-3GS devices

After Thursday's iPhone OS 4.0 event, when asked why multitasking was being excluded on devices older than the iPhone 3GS, Apple said that the older devices just couldn't do it. However, that wasn't quite true. A developer, who's been messing around with the iPhone OS 4.0 preview, has found that ...

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Apple blocking Flash-built apps because of multitasking?

Following up on news that the iPhone 4.0 developer agreement prohibits cross-compiled third-party apps, AppleInsider received info that multitasking in iPhone OS 4.0 is the reason for the change. According to their sources, apps built in environments like Flash CS5 won't co-operate well with Apple's...

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iPhone 4.0 OS Screen shots: custom wallpaper, folders, multitasking, and more!

And they keep coming in! TUAW reader Tom has sent us screen shots showing iPhone OS 4.0's ability to support custom wallpaper (and the new dock style), an open and closed Apps folder containing four apps, multitasking, and a new Calculator icon. Check out all the screen shots in the gallery below! ...

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iPhone OS 4.0: No multitasking for iPhone 3G and second gen iPod touch

While Apple will be serving up a hearty meal with iPhone OS 4.0, not all iPhones and iPod touches will be able to offer up the full experience. Only the iPhone 3GS and third generation iPod touch will be capable of handling all seven features highlighted at the event today (multitasking, folders, m...

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iPhone OS 4.0: Multitasking, finally, hooray!

The demand for iPhone OS multitasking is nothing new. People have been looking for ways to do more than one thing at once on their iPhones for some time. For example, let's say you're chatting on IRC in one application, and you want to hop out to check a Web page. Should you have to disconnect from ...

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What's in the iPhone 4.0?

Willkommen, Besucher von Möchten Sie ein Übersetzung? Hier drucken. Well, we didn't really expect this to come so soon after the iPad release, but sure enough, Apple is going to show us the iPhone 4.0 operating system this Thursday. That doesn't give us a lot of time for spe...

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Rumor: Apple's iPhone 4.0 to support multitasking, Expose-like interface

Rumors are flying hot and heavy about a new update coming to the iPhone this summer. AppleInsider has another big rumored feature: Multitasking. According to their sources, Apple will finally introduce third-party multitasking on the new iPhone. Of course, they're doing it the way that they want to ...

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iPad app previews aplenty all across the Web

We're seeing tons and tons of news about iPad apps dropping now, and we're still a few days away from launch. In addition to our own coverage, here's a bunch of the other previews we've seen popping up around the community: This iVerse Comics app looks excellent, and it's one of the first univers...

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More suggestions of multitasking in iPhone OS 4.0

Developers have found further evidence of multitasking support for 3rd party iPhone apps in the latest beta (3.2 beta 4) of the iPhone SDK, and suggest that it will become a reality this summer. 9to5 Mac reports on a new line found deep within the latest iPhone SDK. Specifically, SpringBoard.js h...

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iPhone OS 3.2 supports video calling, file downloads, SMS and...multitasking?

Engadget has just confirmed with "extremely trusted sources" that iPhone OS 3.2 contains rudimentary support for video calling, which could explain that mysterious space at the top of the iPad's leaked pictures they received. Engadget's sources said there are hooks to accept and decline a video ...

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