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Tag: multitouch

Apple's Magic Trackpad approved by FCC

We've seen the Magic Trackpad name before, and we've even gotten a glimpse of what the device might be -- a larger, Bluetooth-enabled multitouch surface designed to bring all of the gestural and multitouch capability found on the iDevices and MacBooks to the desktop itself. Now, Engadget notes that...

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TUAW's Daily App: 2360: Battle for Cydonia

We've been doing apps and puzzle games a lot on this feature lately, so let's not forget what makes a game really fun: a big robot blowing up lots of stuff. Fortunately, Battle for Cydonia is full of that, as you control a mech armed with dual machine guns through a series of missions on the future...

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iPad steel drum played with conductive fiber mallets

Jobs told us, "If you see a stylus, they blew it," but what if the stylus is a steel drum mallet? Someone built an iPad app, as you can see above, that is designed to imitate the look and sound of a steel drum. It needed something a little extra, though, ... like actual mallets to play with. So, ...

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TUAW's Daily App: Pinch

Pinch is an ingenious little game that I'd almost call a puzzle platformer, except that there aren't any actual platforms in it. Instead of navigating a jumping avatar through a series of gates and switches, you navigate little colored orbs, called Norbs, by dragging them around on the multi-touc...

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Apple patents multitouch gestures

Patently Apple reports that Apple has picked up a major patent from the USPTO for a long list of mutitouch gestures. The gestures all involve moving two or more fingers on a multitouch surface, and cover everything from cut and copy shortcuts to global search and find and replace motions. I'm sure ...

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Photoboard is updated and upscaled for the iPad

If you always wanted a 'magic wall' for your iPad, Photoboard HD (US$2.99) is probably as close as your are going to get. This app originally appeared on the iPhone and iPod touch and lets you manipulate photos by scaling and rotating them to create interesting collages. The new iPad version has ...

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Obvious: Apple fans who own Apple products can't wait to buy the iPad

This is probably one for the obvious department, but we'll share it with you anyway. An NPD study released last week says that device awareness for the iPad is already very high (no duh), and that it's highest among 18-34 year old current Apple owners (double duh) with $100,000 or greater income. So...

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Found Footage: Apple vs. Predator

Molly Wood of "Buzz Out Loud" issued a call earlier this week to make an Apple vs. Predator video and YouTube user Kelvington stepped up to the challenge. The video shows that the Predators invented the "slide to unlock" feature circa 1987 and are pissed that Steve Jobs stole their idea. Howeve...

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Apple files for 'Magic Trackpad' trademark

Apple sure likes that word 'magic' lately. We already have the Magic Mouse, and soon we may have a 'Magic Trackpad'. That's the word from the Patently Apple website that keeps an eye on these sometimes mysterious Apple filings. Apple wants to have the rights to 'Magic Trackpad', and wants to make su...

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New patent hints at iPhone camera gesture control

An interesting patent application came to light via PatentlyApple yesterday. The patent, titled "Camera as Input Interface," was filed by Apple in August 2008 and details a means of controlling an iPhone by swiping a finger across the device's camera lens. The patent proposes using the iPhone's c...

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What's missing from the iPad

All in all, the iPad turned in a pretty exciting product debut. I don't think Apple will have any trouble selling these things, and it can't be a very good day in Amazon, Sony or Barnes and Noble's executive suites. While all the final info is not out yet, there were a few major omissions from th...

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BumpTop offers a 3D desktop on your Mac

I've never really gotten into the whole 3D file navigation thing (ever since "It's a Unix system! I know this!", it's seemed pretty corny), but BumpTop might be the exception I've been waiting for. It's a 3D overlay for your OS X desktop that turns files into 3D objects to move around, pin on the...

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Inklet turns your trackpad into a Wacom-style tablet

Now here's a fascinating app -- Inklet is a new Mac app by Ten One Design that purports to turn your Macbook's trackpad into a tablet-style input. The program uses the multitouch trackpad interface to sense where and when you're touching the pad, and then translates that into "drawing" marks just ...

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Former Apple engineer: FingerWorks may be a part of the tablet

The New York Times is the latest big source of tablet rumors today, and they went way back for the latest stab in the dark. All the way back to 2005, when Apple purchased a little company called FingerWorks, known for their work with gesture recognition on a multitouch interface like the Touchstrea...

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BetterTouchTool makes multi-touch infinitely more useful, for free

We recently covered a utility called MagicPrefs that adds a hatful of new and configurable multi-touch gestures to your Magic Mouse. Well, there's another free utility called BetterTouchTool that works with both trackpads and Magic Mice, providing a huge number of gestures and infinite possibilities...

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