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iOS 5 jailbroken already

iOS 5 has been jailbroken within 24 hours of its debut in the iOS dev center. According to iOS hacker MuscleNerd, the exploit uses limera1n and is a tethered boot on the iPod touch fourth generation at this time. Cydia installs fine and seems to work without issue. This achievement is good news...

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hacksugar: iPhone 4 jailbreak accomplished but not ready for public release

When we talk about "jailbreaking" the iPhone, that means opening up the underlying file system on the phone for full read/write access; on a vanilla iPhone, only the 'userland' data is accessible to users and apps. The term is derived from Unix jargon, where a "chroot jail" is the limited section of...

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iPad hacksugar: iPad 3G hacked to send native SMS

Here's a cool little find for a quiet Sunday. MuscleNerd of the iPhone dev team has managed to allow his jailbroken 3G iPad to send command-line SMS text messages. This hack only works with SIM cards that have already paid for an SMS plan, in this case a T-Mobile SIM that was downsized to microSI...

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