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Trap Studio helps you create your own music on any iOS device

Trap Studio (US$2.99) is a music creation app that includes more than 350 samples created by Prime Loops. Along with that, the app features dual Oxford Synthesizer Company (OSC) Synthesizers, and you can import samples and apply many effects to them to create a unique sound. Sounds from Prime Loops...

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iRig Voice and EZ Voice app want to make you a star

IK Multimedia hit the market with the iRig Mic three years ago, a mic for podcasting and recording that plugged into the headphone port of your favorite iOS device and allowed for real-time monitoring. At the time, I wasn't impressed with the device; there were some issues with shielding and the...

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When Apple in 2000 quickly shifted its focus to music

If you pay attention to the cynics out there, Apple's $3.2 billion acquisition of Beats reeks of desperation. Apple, the argument goes, completely missed the boat on streaming music and is now just grasping at straws with Beats in a last ditch effort to reclaim musical relevancy. Some even take...

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Apple's Beats acquisition may prove to be a huge money maker

Let's be honest: Apple's $3 billion acquisition of Beats Electronics isn't a sexy acquisition. The deal doesn't provide nearly as much room for speculation and intrigue as would exist if Apple purchased a company like, say, Nest or Netflix. But the more I look at the deal and the overall...

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Apple managers reportedly ignored Spotify, even as engineers preferred it over iTunes

A recently published Buzzfeed article sheds some light on the circumstances that led to Apple's recent US$3 billion acquisition of Beats Electronics. As the story goes, even Apple engineers working on iTunes preferred using services like Spotify while the higher-ups at Apple were somewhat...

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Which iPod is your all-time favorite?

iPods come and iPods go, and there's no portable media player with more history than Apple's icon little music machine. We all have a favorite, and while some were discontinued before their time, they'll always hold a special place in our hearts. Personally, I'm partial to the 3rd gen iPod nano....

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WSJ adds financial details to Apple's $3 billion purchase of Beats; streaming service valued at $500 million

Though Apple's acquisition of Beats, by most accounts, appears to be a play for the company's music subscription service, the Wall Street Journal reports that the $3 billion purchase price was weighted more heavily towards the company's hardware business. According to the Journal, Apple valued...

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Tim Cook: Beats app will remain available on both Android and Windows

With its US$3 billion acquisition of Beats now official, Apple now has a music subscription service that runs on a number of smartphone platforms that aren't named iOS. Given Apple's historic disinterest in releasing cross platform applications, it's only fair to wonder what will become of the...

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Dr. Dre as the voice of Siri

In its largest corporate acquisition to date, Apple has acquired Beats Electronics for US$3 billion. As part of the deal, Beats co-founders Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine will join Apple as full time employees. While discussing the deal with Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg at yesterday's Code...

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Beats Music app updated with longer trial period and lower annual subscription price

The monster Apple story of the week is without question the company's $3 billion acquisition of Beats Electronics. While Beats is more widely known for its line of premium headphones, it was the company's streaming subscription service that piqued Apple's interest and brought them to the...

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Tim Cook explains the motivation behind Beats acquisition

Confirming earlier reports, Apple today officially announced a blockbuster deal to acquire Beats Electronics for $3 billion. While the notion of Apple acquiring Beats initially resulted in a slew of questions and raised eyebrows, the wisdom of the acquisition now makes a lot more sense; digital...

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Steve Jobs was never a fan of subscription music

While Apple's rumored deal to acquire Beats is not yet official, people are trying to future out why Apple wants a company that sells divisive headphones (consumers love them, audiophiles don't) and subscription music, among other things. Most industry watchers believe that Apple has its eyes set...

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Electronic artist deadmau5 releases subscription music app for iOS

The music business landscape has changed over the last fifteen years from physical media to mostly digital transactions. Be it the iTunes store or streaming online, the way we consume music has radically changed. Accordingly, the way artists profit off their music has changed as well. Electronic...

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PUC interface connects iOS, MIDI devices wirelessly [Updated]

The PUC MIDI interface (US$129.99) connects MIDI devices (keyboards, drum machines/pads, DJ controller, floor pedal, etc) to iOS devices (or Macs) wirelessly. This is fantastic news, because the joy of the iPad and iPhone is that they're wireless, multi-function devices. Connecting wires makes...

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IK Multimedia's iRing: Two rings to rule your music making

IK Multimedia's tagline is "Musicians First", and the company has a huge and ever-expanding line of surprisingly good accessories and apps made for one purpose -- helping musicians make and record music through technology. Their latest invention is a really brilliant idea; a set of "rings" that...

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