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Rumors swirling around new iMacs

It seems that an upgraded iMac is a shoe-in at Macworld Expo in January. It's a consumer show, and the iMac is Apple's consumer desktop. Plus, it hasn't received a significant change in a while, so it's due. Now that the winter holidays are just about over, the Expo rumors have begun to circulate. A...

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Apple announces 2009 will be its last Macworld Expo, Schiller to deliver keynote

In a surprise announcement, Apple said that next month's Macworld Expo will be its last. The company doesn't plan on exhibiting at the event after 2009. Also, Steve Jobs will not be giving the keynote address, handing that honor to Phil Schiller, senior VP of worldwide product marketing. It will be...

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Wired: New Mac mini to be announced at MWSF

Wired's Brian X. Chen writes that Apple will release a new version of the Mac mini at Macworld Expo early next month. Chen's unnamed source didn't disclose any details about the Mac mini, but Chen offered plenty of specification speculation. Based on "trends seen in Apple's latest products," Chen e...

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Rumor: Case manufacturer drawings show smaller iPhone 'nano'?

Our sister site Engadget notes that iDealsChina found this rendering of a silicone case for a new iPhone-like device with a smaller form factor. iDealsChina says the case is "in production," and has many 3D images of a variety of angles. The device may be unveiled during Macworld Expo next month. T...

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Adobe trimming Expo budget, 600 jobs [updated]

Macworld notes today that Adobe won't have a booth at Macworld Expo, but will still be offering training sessions at the conference. Traditionally, Adobe's booth has been a major presence on the show floor. The bad news might not end there: A tipster with purported connections inside Adobe told us ...

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MacworldEncore: Macworld Sessions Online and DVD

For all of us who couldn't make it to Macworld in January comes MacworldEncore. The folks behind the Macworld conference have collected more than 80 presentations on a whole variety of topics that were presented in San Francisco. For the most part these are 640x480 QuickTime movies that have the aud...

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TUAW Podcast #20: Macworld Interview with Guy Kawasaki (Extended Remix)

Wow - you overwhelmingly asked for it, and here it is. I was blown away by the response to the 'TUAW edit' of my Guy Kawasaki interview, so the extended remix is ready for download. This one clocks in at over 55 minutes, so it should satisfy the fans of Guy in the crowd. It was an honor to speak wit...

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Hints of the Next Version of Keynote?

Many people noticed some unusual Keynote presentation effects in Job's recent keynote at MacWorld (e.g. the small text exploding above). Now Brian Peat over at has gone through the keynote with a fine-toothed comb, identifying a bunch of new stuff, like path animations and lots of e...

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TidBITS Macworld Superlatives

TidBITS is perhaps the grand-daddy of electronic Mac publications (their motto should be: we were the Mac-web before the Mac-web was even invented). Anyway, they have published a lot of great articles over the years and their wrap up of MWSF '07 is no different. There are links to a variety of inter...

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TUAW Podcast #18: Macworld interview with Brent Simmons and Paul Kafasis

On Friday of last week at Macworld 07, Brent Simmons (of NewsGator/ NetNewsWire/ MarsEdit fame) and Paul Kafasis (of Rogue Amoeba/Audio Hijack/Airfoil fame) were kind enough to unite their powers and sit down with me for an interview. For just over 20 minutes we discussed Macworld, the iPhone, the s...

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Pen-it Bluetooth Digital Pen

Okay, this is just plain cool. Watching MacBreak 59 I came across the Pen-it from Hitachi Maxell. I suggest you watch the video (the segment starts about 6:35), but basically it's an ink pen with built-in Bluetooth. When you use it to write on special paper (which has been pre-printed with literally...

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Keeping the iPhone Under Wraps

Fortune Magazine has a nice article on the challenges Apple faced in keeping the iPhone under wraps for the 30 months or so it was in development. When you think about the number of folks who must have been involved, not only at Apple, but also at Cingular, Google, Yahoo, and an "unnamed Asian manuf...

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Live Streaming MWSF Keynote?

In years past, Apple streamed the Macworld San Francisco Keynote (aka Stevenote) live for your delectation. Unfortunately, they seemed to have suspended the practice. Well what's a Mac news junkie to do? Of course you'll be able to count on TUAW and others for live text feeds of the event, but World...

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Macworld SF 2007: O'Reilly Speaker Schedule

It's that time of the year again-that wonderful sense of anticipation while we wait for the big day and the new toys. No, not Christmas, Macworld San Francisco! Well O'Reilly and company are trotting out their heavyweights for MWSF, including David Pogue, Derrick Story, and others. Anybody who is th...

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Michael Bartosh MacIT Scholarship Fund

The organizers of the MacWorld Conference and Expo are setting up a memorial scholarship in honor of Mac author, Michael Bartosh, who recently passed away from a tragic accident in Tokyo. The Michael Bartosh MacIT Scholarship will pay the travel expenses and MacIT conference fees for one or more Uni...

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