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Tag: mwsf07

TUAW Video: A Mac Moment with Leo Laporte, Part 3

The third, and final installment, from my conversation with Leo Laporte covers a number of topics that you, the TUAW reader, wanted to know about. Will Leo bring the Screensavers back? Is Amber MacArthur single? Will Apple keep selling computers? All these questions, and more, are answered by Leo. ...

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The Keynote boom count

We all know that Steve has a few words that are bound to crop up in his Keynotes, and other presentations. Automatic, great, and revolutionary are likely contenders but his favorite word seems to be 'boom' as evidenced by this video. Some enterprising Mac users set up to track the Jo...

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TUAW Video: A Mac Moment with David Pogue

Continuing our Macworld Mac Moment series, I talk (more or less) to Macworld fave, New York Times' tech columnist and "Missing Manual" author David Pogue. I ask him "three" versioned questions about iPhone, the AppleTV and, of course, the surprising lack of Mac product announcements during the keyn...

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TUAW Video: A Mac Moment with Leo Laporte, Part 2

We continue our conversation with Leo Laporte from the press room at Macworld. Today Leo and I discuss the iPhone, the Apple TV, and if Apple is still a computer company. For those of you who hate the Netscape player (you know who you are) here are links to the iPod ready version, and the full qual...

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Pen-it Bluetooth Digital Pen

Okay, this is just plain cool. Watching MacBreak 59 I came across the Pen-it from Hitachi Maxell. I suggest you watch the video (the segment starts about 6:35), but basically it's an ink pen with built-in Bluetooth. When you use it to write on special paper (which has been pre-printed with literally...

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TUAW Show Floor Showoff: OWC's ModBook

There wasn't too much that was truly new and exciting on the Macworld Expo showfloor this year. Don't get me wrong, there was a ton of neat stuff but nothing huge. Nothing that is, other than the ModBook. We've covered it before, and now we have a video tour of the hottest item (other than the iPho...

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Start planning now for Macworld Expo 2008

The Stevenote was barely over on Tuesday and already the sign for next year's Macworld was up in the lobby of Moscone South. For the first time in years, Macworld Expo in San Francisco will not overlap with the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Vegas. Macworld 2008 will take place January 14-18 2...

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What camera is in the iPhone?

Everyone is speculating about what makes the iPhone tick, but one person is wondering about a feature Steve mentioned but didn't demo: the camera. Al-Manazir is trying to figure out what lens is being used in the iPhone, and with some impressive deductive reasoning has has narrowed it down to Micro...

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Yahoo! Messenger sneak peek

There was a time when Yahoo! Messenger on OS X, well, sucked. That time has long since passed thanks to the great Mac focused team that Yahoo! has created (the Mac team may be small, but they are passionate). I was able to sit down with Matthew Skyrm, Director of Product Management for Yahoo! Messen...

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TUAW Video: A Mac Moment with Jacqui Cheng

I sat down with Infinite Loop's Jacqui Cheng, one of our most hated rivals (I kid, I kid). Jacqui tells us about her encounter with Woz, her thoughts about the iPhone, and Apple TV. See? We Apple bloggers are one big happy family (though TUAW is totally better than Infinite Loop)....

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Prosoft Engineering gives sneak peek of Jax for iPod

Prosoft Engineering, makers of some popular Mac utilities like Data Rescue and Drive Genius, are getting ready to introduce something a little different than their flagship products. It's called Jax for iPod and it's expected to ship next month. I stopped by their Macworld booth for a preview and, u...

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TUAW Video: A Mac Moment with Leo Laporte, Part 1

Here is part one of a three part discussion with lead TWiT Leo LaPorte. Leo and talk about Macworld Expo and all things iPhone. We'll have part two up on Monday....

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TUAW Video: Macworld Expo Moscone South quick tour

I took a camera and walked up and down every aisle of the Macworld Expo showfloor in Moscone South, just so you could feel like you were there. Sit back, open your favorite beverage, and enjoy this 5 minute walk of Moscone South. Update: Embedded the correct video. It has been a long Macworld, fol...

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TUAW Video: Interview with iLounge's Jeremy Horwitz

We sat down with iLounge's Editor-in-chief Jeremy Horwitz today and talking about the iPhone, iPod accessories, earphones and more. Give it a watch and I bet you'll learn something....

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Macworld 2007 Keynote available on iTunes

It seemed that every other comment on my post about the Keynote QuickTime stream was, 'Why isn't Apple putting this on the iTunes Store?' Well, folks, Apple has heard your pleas and has made the Keynote available from the iTunes Store. At least, they are going to. At the time of this post the Keyno...

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