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My First Apple Computer: The Start of A Love Affair

Upon entering college in the summer of 1987, my only experience of computer use was a high school computer programming class. In the late 80's my high school curriculum still taught typing on typewriters and made computers seem like something from a science fiction movie. I went to college equipped ...

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My First Apple and why it rocks

I got my first Apple computer about 4 years ago. I have always been into music production, photography, and anything creative, and I had heard from lots of people that Macs worked better then PC's when it came to these things. I ended up looking on Ebay for a few weeks and eventually bought a white ...

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The story of a happy Apple Macintosh convert

After bashing my Dell computer keyboard too many times to count, and after reformatting my hard drive for the umpteenth time due to virus attacks, I finally conceded defeat and decided to buy a Mac. Not just any Mac, a MacBook Pro. It cost as much as two top of the line Dell desktops, but I knew ...

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