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The 20th anniversary of Myst

Has it been 20 years? Seems like yesterday. In 1993, Myst was a seemingly endless and epic adventure game, with immersive sound and beautifully rendered graphics. I remember eagerly getting my CD-ROM copy at my local computer store and losing myself for hours on the mysterious island of Myst. Origi...

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Apple's original software construction kit: HyperCard turns twenty-five years old today

Twenty-five years ago today, HyperCard was released at Macworld Expo Boston. Apple's software construction kit for the rest of us began shipping on every new Mac as of August 11, 1987; you could also buy it for $49. It required 1 MB of memory (yes, one megabyte) and a pair of 800K floppy drives...

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RealMyst now on the App Store

The original Myst has been available for iOS for a while now, offering up that game's classic click-to-explore puzzles on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. Now, Cyan Worlds has released realMyst, a 3D re-imagining of the old school title that features the mysterious island of Myst. Unfortunat...

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Riven: The Sequel to Myst now available for iPhone

Riven, the sequel to Cyan Worlds' bestselling game Myst, is now available on the App Store. The original version of Riven came out in 1997 for multiple systems and was widely acclaimed; 13 years later, Riven has an opportunity to reach an entirely new audience of gamers. In August of 2008, Cyan anno...

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TUAW's Daily App: Stoneship: The Curse of a Thousand Islands

Stoneship was released earlier this year exclusively on the App Store, and it's got quite a pedigree. It was created by Cyan Worlds, the creators behind the classic game Myst, one of the most-loved PC games of all time. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your gaming tastes), Stoneship is a...

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Riven coming to iPhone

Here's great news for Myst fans with iPhones -- a port of Riven will be available this year. According to a post on the Myst Online Forums, the game is in development and will be released " early summer at the latest." Just in time for gaming at the beach! Riven is the sequel to Myst, the...

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Cyan porting Myst to iPhone

An employee of Cyan Worlds (proprietors of the legendary Myst series of games) has announced that they will be porting the original Myst to the iPhone. Apparently it's an "outside-funded" project -- though who might be funding it isn't yet clear -- and is apparently proving to be an "interesting a...

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Mac Gaming: Myst V demo available

If I could have even one quarter of the time I wasted spent enjoying Myst, I'd live forever. After finally finishing the game on my Mac, I felt compelled to do it all over again when the Playstation version became available. I didn't play Riven or the other sequels, but Myst V just may pull me back ...

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