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Solavei now selling nano-SIMs for iPhone 5

Solavei is a low-cost mobile service provider in the US that operates on the T-Mobile network. If you've wanted to take your AT&T unlocked iPhone 5 to a cheaper network, up to now, you've had either T-Mobile or Straight Talk as options. Now Solavei is offering those cute, little nano-SIMs t...

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Deutsche Telekom begins distributing nano-SIM cards to partners in advance of rumored iPhone launch

After a protracted battle between Apple, Nokia, RIM and Motorola Mobility earlier this year about the design of a new nano-SIM (subscriber identity module), Apple was the victor and is widely expected to use the new design in the next-generation iPhone. German website iFun.de is reporting that ...

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New smaller SIM format becomes standardized

The dust has settled on the SIM (subscriber identity module) battlefield, where companies the like of Apple, Motorola, Nokia and RIM have been vying to have their designs for a next-generation SIM turned into an industry standard. The winning design appears to be a compromise that should make a...

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Motorola, RIM offer Apple a nano-SIM compromise

The battle over the nano-SIM standard is heating up with Apple on one side and a group that includes Nokia, Motorola and RIM on the other. In the latest series of developments reported by The Verge, Motorola and RIM are countering Apple's nano-SIM proposal with a revised design of their own. Th...

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Apple revises nano-SIM design to address Nokia concerns

SIM card maker Giesecke & Devrient attended CTIA and talked to The Verge about the nano-SIM it's designing using Apple's proposed standard. G&D said Apple listened to Nokia's complaint about its design and modified the shape so it would be almost impossible to jam it accidentally into a...

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Nano-SIM standard vote postponed, RIM accuses Apple of cheating

RIM sent a scathing letter to the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) accusing Apple of unfairly trying to sway the upcoming standards vote so its nano-SIM proposal gets approved. The letter, obtained by CNET, claims Apple is having its representatives change their affiliat...

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Nokia will refuse to license 'essential' patents if Apple's nano-SIM standard is selected

The discussion over a new standard for SIMs is turning into an all-out war. Earlier this week, Apple agreed to offer its SIM patents royalty-free to competitors if two things happen. Specifically, if Apple's nano-SIM idea is adopted by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) an...

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Apple patents SIM tray amid nano-SIM battle

TUAW's been all over the nano-SIM battle being waged in the hallowed halls of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), pitching Apple against the evil triumvirate of Nokia, Motorola, and RIM. Now, just coincidentally, Apple has received U.S. Patent 8,145,261 for "Ejectable co...

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Apple offers royalty-free license to nano-SIM patents

FOSS Patents obtained a letter that Apple's legal team sent to the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) about its nano-SIM patents. The letter said that Apple will grant royalty-free licenses to any essential nano-SIM patent as long as its nano-SIM proposal is approved and oth...

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Nokia formally rejects Apple's nano-SIM proposal

Apple is trying to get a new nano-SIM (a really small version of the Subscriber Identity Module chip used in mobile phones) standard approved by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) rather than having that standards organization select a competitive proposal by Nokia, Moto...

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Apple's nano-SIM proposal has Motorola, Nokia, RIM unhappy

The nano-SIM is about to be approved by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), but this simple vote on a telecommunications standard won't be all that simple. According to a report from The Financial Times, the technical details behind this next-generation SIM is turning into...

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