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New iPod nano dumps scroll wheel and video for square screen

It's hip to be square. Announced today, the newly introduced iPod nano finally dispenses with the wheel as a control surface -- because now the control surface is the iPod touch. The new model is so small that like the newly announced iPod shuffle, it has a clip that allows it to be worn and...

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NY Times asks, Steve answers: Why no camera on the iPod touch and no stills on the nano?

Well, looks like we weren't the only ones wondering about the two big questions of the day -- the New York Times sat down briefly with Steve Jobs post-event this morning and found out the whys and wherefores on the following: Why doesn't the iPod nano take still pictures? Jobs says that the tiny...

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Rumor: Budget iPhone model expected, says

If the promise of a new, faster and video-editing enabled iPhone isn't enough to make you block out time for Monday's WWDC keynote on your calendar, check out the Financial Times report that revitalizes rumors of a new lower-priced iPhone model (iPhone mini? iPhone nano?) said to be ready for announ...

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iPhone nano rumors piling up

Rumor sites are abuzz this morning with news from the Far East noting that two Taiwanese chip manufacturers will likely receive orders for a new "iPhone nano." Taiwan's Economic Daily News ran a story suggesting that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company and United Microelectronics Corporation ...

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Munster: New Macs for MWSF, small iPhone by second quarter '09

Our favorite-named analyst, Piper Jaffray's Gene Munster, predicts that Apple will announce new Mac models at Macworld Expo, and a smaller iPhone for the March quarter. Piper Jaffray expects that Apple will sell 45 million iPhones during 2009, though that estimate is predicated on the fact that Appl...

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TUAW Holiday Giveaway-tacular Part Two: so you got a used nano?

Budgets are tight, we get that. So this holiday season, if all you could afford for yourself or a loved one was a 3rd-gen nano, we've got a trio of cases for you: one for running, one for general protection and one with little built-in speakers, for sing-alongs. Again, courtesy Dr. Bott: ifrogz Au...

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So you just got an iPod nano -- now what?

All day on December 25, TUAW presents "Now What?" We've got first steps and recommendations for all the Apple gifts you (hopefully!) found under the tree today. Happy holidays! If you're a iPod veteran, send a link to this post to the switcher on your holiday list. Congrats on your new iPod nano! ...

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Case manufacturer XSKN spilling the beans on iPhone nano?

Rumors of a smaller "iPhone nano" have been flying around the blogosphere since mid-summer. Earlier this month, a TUAW post detailed how a Chinese manufacturer was allegedly starting production of a case for a diminutive iPhone. Now a source that has accurately leaked information about the iPhone 3G...

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Rumor: Case manufacturer drawings show smaller iPhone 'nano'?

Our sister site Engadget notes that iDealsChina found this rendering of a silicone case for a new iPhone-like device with a smaller form factor. iDealsChina says the case is "in production," and has many 3D images of a variety of angles. The device may be unveiled during Macworld Expo next month. T...

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iPod 101: Make your iPod speak menu items

If you have a current generation iPod nano or classic, then you have the ability to access spoken menu items throughout the iPod. This is an accessibility feature that Apple built into the current iPod line, but I found that feature is handy while walking around, or driving, if you don't want to l...

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New iPod game: Tamagotchi

This week, Apple added a new game for the iPod nano and iPod classic. Tamagotchi: 'Round the World allows you to take care of a small pet, which you raise from birth. There are four pets to choose from, interactive environmental items, 6 mini games, and three activities to play with your pets. Ta...

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For us 80s kids: Get a cassette case for your iPod nano

Cult of Mac turned me on to an awesome iPod nano case manufactured by Contexture Design in Vancouver, BC: it's made from a recycled cassette tape. Radical. But move fast -- there are only about a dozen left of these one-of-a-kind cases, which fit first- and second-generation iPod nano models. Eac...

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New iPod nanos apparently shipping in extra-small

It's a mystery: as Engadget reports, there are new iPod nanos showing up at some Dutch retailers... in a 4 gigabyte capacity. Huh? This wasn't part of the announcement last week, and it's not clear why you'd want to pick up a nano in a smaller capacity than the original iPod for actual use, as oppos...

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New nanos to get spoken menus

One of the interesting minor details on the iPod nanos released today is the inclusion of some new accessibility features. There's even an Accessibility section on the spec page, which notes the addition of spoken menus and an alternative larger font. The spoken menus "allow listeners to hear many o...

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iBikeConsole: take your nano two-wheelin'

I recently got a new bicycle, so I was interested to run across iBikeConsole, a new iPod nano-focused accessory designed for cyclists. It combines two wireless remote controls with a central weather-resistant iPod nano case. The remote controls mount inside the hand grips and can be used while wear...

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