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Five apps (and more) to help you write your NaNoWriMo novel

November is National Novel Writing Month, also known as NaNoWriMo. It's a month-long initiative that challenges you to get that unwritten novel out of your head and onto paper. We have a handful of tips to help you get started, and below is an updated list of our some popular writing tools for iO...

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NaNoWriMo tools for Apple devices ... and a few hot deals on writing tools

When it's time for Halloween, it's also time for another autumn tradition -- National Novel Writing Month, also known as NaNoWriMo. Over the years, a number of TUAW bloggers and readers have participated in the annual event, which runs exactly thirty days and is designed to give would-be writer...

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Daily Update for October 31, 2011

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requi...

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NaNoWriMo: Some helpful hints and tools

This morning, I noticed a tweet from @rvbelzen that said, "As a NaNoWriMo veteran, do you have any tips for this NaNoWriMo newbie, maybe an article you wrote about it?" Most of the posts that I've done about National Novel Writing Month for TUAW have focused on the tools, not on the technique. Ba...

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TUAW TV Live: Tools for writing the Great American Novel on your Mac

If you saw the teaser post earlier today, you probably know that today's topic on TUAW TV Live is writing tools. The Mac is a wonderful machine for writers, and there are many applications available to help you slide through a bad case of writer's block and get that novel written. Since this is Nati...

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TUAW TV Live today at 5 PM ET: Writing tools for Mac

Monday was the start of NaNoWriMo, the annual writing fest in which authors from around the globe attempt to write a 50,000-word novel in 30 days. I've started on my third novel, and as usual I'm having a blast thinking up characters, situations, plot lines, and just how I'm going to wrap up this en...

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Scrivener 2.0 public preview now available

Barely a week before NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) begins, the public preview of Scrivener 2.0 is out. This version is sans the project templates that will be available when the full version hits next week. In addition to the 2.0 preview, a beta version of the new Windows client is also a...

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Calling all authors: How to sell your books in the iBook store

Have you got a novel or two in your bottom desk drawer? Did you participate in the National Novel Writing Month competition last November? Are you a budding author who needs that last nudge to actually get writing? If any of these describe you, Apple has just given you a way to get your masterpiece ...

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T-3 days, and another NaNoWriMo deal

There are three more full days until the start of National Novel Writing Month, and that means that yet another software developer has checked in with a deal on a Mac writing application. This time, it's Mariner Software, and the application is StoryMill. Mariner's deal is this -- if you purchase...

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NaNoWriMo writers: Storyist has some hot deals for you, too

In my continuing campaign to get as many Apple fans out there as possible to take part in National Novel Writing Month, I'm always looking for deals on writing software. Earlier in the week, I reported on a deal that Scrivener is providing for NaNoWriMo participants. Well, not to be left out of the ...

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NaNoWriMo participants: Scrivener has some deals for you

After my post about NaNoWriMo preparation the other day, a couple of TUAW readers pointed out that Literature and Latte, the folks behind Scrivener 1.52, have a special deal going on for NaNoWriMo 2009 participants. Are you considering giving Scrivener a try while you're writing your entry for Na...

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5 ways for Mac users to get ready for NaNoWriMo

You've heard me talk about National Novel Writing Month, also known as NaNoWriMo, before. It's the annual event aimed at getting potential bestsellers out of the minds of would-be writers and onto paper -- virtual or real. The idea is that most people have a couple of good novels hidden inside them,...

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