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Highest-resolution Earth photo looks familiar for a reason

Last month, Gizmodo posted an incredible image from NASA: The most accurate, highest-resolution photo of Earth taken to date. It's stunning, in all of its 2048 x 2048 pixel glory. In fact, there are two images: One showing the Americas and one showing Europe. Both make a great desktop image. They...

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A new accessory for your iPhone: a NASA-developed chemical sensor

What's better than a handful of sensors for determining if some hostile enemy has set off chemical weapons in a city? How about hundreds of thousands or millions of sensors? If research being done by NASA Ames Research Center under the Cell-All program in the US Department of Homeland Security's Sci...

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Space geeks love MacBook Pros

Like a lot of my fellow space geeks, I was watching the live feed from Spaceflight Now this morning for the launch of the Ares 1-X test vehicle. Unfortunately, the launch was scrubbed, but I was happy to see that the three guys doing the coverage this morning were all using MacBook Pros. The MacB...

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Failure is not an option: the official NASA iPhone app is here

There are a lot of space geeks out there. You know the type; they wake up in the early hours of the morning to watch launch coverage or live feeds from the International Space Station, they follow NASA astronauts on Twitter, and they're married to people in the space biz. Oh, wait -- that's me! ...

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iPods rock the Space Shuttle

Update 11/16/2008: Welcome Digg visitors. While there may be iPods on the current STS-126 mission, these photos & the blog post are actually from the March 2008 mission. Eagle-eyed reader Walker was perusing hi-res photos of the Space Shuttle Endeavour (which is circling the planet at this momen...

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If you like Mars, Nasa has the application for you. Mars24 tracks the time of day for numerous locations on Mars (those are Martian days, by the way). It is free, and interesting. Isn't that what we all want in our software? [Via PopSciBlog]...

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