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NBC and Time Warner in no hurry to say farewell to Flash

If you're not familiar with New York City's gritty, 209-year-old tabloid the Post, it has a reputation for sensationalist coverage, a top-down conservative slant (courtesy of owner Rupert Murdoch), and a credibility problem; in 2004, a Pace University survey found that city residents considered it t...

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Chuck vs. Sanctuary smackdown: Which product tie in wins?

Two shows. Two iPhone tie ins. One TUAW fighting ring. Two will enter; one will leave. Whose cuisine will reign supreme? No wait, that's Iron Chef. Anyway, which show's tie in will take the crown and walk away with the "Worth Downloading" title? Let's have a quick look. In the left corner, wearing ...

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Found Footage: That sinking, gonna-need-a-new-phone feeling

What other recent TV show (Big Bang Theory aside) has given geeks as much cred as Chuck? The hourlong spy-dramedy returned with first-run episodes this week, but promptly threw a wet blanket on our enjoyment by... well, just look. No matter what Andy Ihnatko's experiments demonstrated, I don't thin...

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WSJ: Apple likely to push TV subscription option in 2010

The WSJ and the New York Times, among other outlets, are reporting that Apple is in preliminary discussions with ABC and CBS (at a minimum) about a possible subscription plan arrangement for broadcast and cable TV channels. This idea was noted by All Things D in November, which cited a target price ...

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Rumor: Comcast, NBC deal to hinder Apple

Last week, cable giant Comcast purchased a controlling interest in US television network NBC, resulting in a media behemoth to rival Disney. The results remain to be seen (Must See TV ... it's Comcastic!), but it's been suggested by AppleInsider that the switch could affect Apple's rumored TV subscr...

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Steve Jobs impersonators take over NBC on Chuck and 30 Rock

It seems that Hollywood is beginning to miss Steve Jobs almost as much as we are. This is especially true for two of NBC's hit comedy shows; "30 Rock" and "Chuck." Both were new this week and overflowing with appreciation for Stevie J. For most Apple fans it is easy to spot when many TV shows and...

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Does Morgan have a Zune? One guess.

Any fan of NBC's geek-centric espionage comedy Chuck knows that there's a healthy helping of Apple tech all over the show, going back to the very first episode. Despite the heavy product placement volume, relatively few Apple fanboy lines make it into the scripts; after all, these folks work at Best...

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Original Mac appears in Season 2 of "Chuck"

If you downloaded the freebie episode of the week from iTunes, then chances are you saw some vintage Apple hardware. That's because episode 1 of Chuck's second season features one of the original Macs in it. It's kinda funny that they're supposed to be building a new system to take over Chuck's jo...

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Apple: NBC's pricing hasn't changed

Here's the final humiliation for NBC in the whole contest between it and Apple -- while one of NBC's execs claimed that Apple made some concessions to the network to get Peacock content back in the iTunes store (after it was unceremoniously pulled last year over pricing arguments), Apple just plain ...

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TUAW Hands On: iTunes 8

Released today, iTunes 8 is the most recent and advanced iteration of Apple's media management and playback software. iTunes 8 includes a new Genius recommendation engine, new visualizers, a new grid view, and new terms and conditions. The Genius engine recommends other songs you might enjoy, bas...

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HD television shows coming to the iTunes store

Steve Jobs just announced at the "Let's Rock" event in San Francisco that not only was NBC content returning to the iTunes store, but that Apple would start selling HD content on the store, playable both through the new iTunes 8, as well as AppleTV. Shows like Battlestar Galactica and The Office wil...

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Digital Wrongs Management

I don't think anybody likes DRM. Customers certainly don't like it: they want to listen to music and watch video where and when they please. I don't think it's that popular with the content providers, either, because it's not a perfect solution. It might cut down on some piracy, but by no means elim...

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Rumor: NBC and iTunes to make up, make money

We heard it from a guy (thanks, Jeff K!) who heard it from another guy who basically speculated from comments made by two other guys that, surprise surprise, NBC and iTunes are on the road to reconciliation. Ok, so it isn't really a surprise-- the odds are really good that as long as there is NBC an...

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Report shows Apple needs NBC back, like yesterday

A report issued by Forrester Research suggests that contrary to conventional wisdom (or at least the comments here at TUAW), Apple is the loser in their feud with NBC-Universal. The on-going fight, which reached fruition last week, as all all NBC-Universal content was removed from iTunes, hurts Appl...

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NBC officially removed from the iTunes Store

Now that December has arrived and NBC's contract has expired, all of their content has been removed from the iTunes Store, as promised. That means no more Bravo, mun2, NBC, NBC News, CNBC, NBC Sports, Sci Fi, Sleuth, Telemundo or USA Network (Go ahead and look. We'll wait). It looks like the two com...

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