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Net Applications: Safari still the top mobile browser

According to the latest data from Net Applications, Apple's Safari still dominates mobile browser web traffic. As reported by John Paczkowski at AllThingsD, Safari for iOS grabbed 61.79 percent of all mobile browser web traffic in March of 2013, up from 55.41 percent in February. Net Applicat...

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Serial upgraders: OS X customers consistently upgrade

California-based Net Applications measures operating system and browser adoption rates by checking stats from visitors to about 40,000 Web sites. A Computerworld post today highlighted the fact that Apple's OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard), 10.7 (Lion) and 10.8 (Mountain Lion) have been adopted by Mac ...

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Report suggests iOS hit all-time market share high

Last week, TUAW reported on the recent rise in the market share of Mac OS X. The numbers, compiled by Net Applications, show a rising acceptance of Mac OS X in the global marketplace. Now Net Applications is reporting that iOS has hit an all-time market share high of 54.65 percent. As you can...

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More proof of growing Mac OS X acceptance

Chart by Philip Elmer-DeWitt, CNNMoney, from Net Applications data With all the attention on Apple iPads and iPhones, you might have missed reports that OS X is steadily increasing its share of web traffic, which means there are more and more Macs out there. Net Applications reports a 25 pe...

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Mobile Safari still dominates mobile browsing

Mobile Safari continues its reign as the dominant mobile browser according to new data from web analytics firm Net Applications. Mobile Safari grabs a respectable 53% of mobile browser usage share, while its closest competitor, Opera Mini, grabs only 20.77%. Coming in third is the Android brows...

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iPad grabs 1% of global browser share, 25% of US mobile browsing

Not surprisingly, recent statistics from New Applications, a web analytics firm, show that many people are using their iPad to browse the web. The iPad now accounts for 1% of the global web browser market and 2% in the US. This number has steadily increased since the original iPad debuted in ea...

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iOS now responsible for 2 percent of all web traffic

According to a report from NetApplications, Apple's iOS now has a 2 percent share of all web traffic. Combining for a worldwide average of 2.06 percent, the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch OS has passed the 2 percent mark for the first time ever and has even reached a whopping 10 percent market share in...

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iPhone grew more than Android in May

At least that's the word from Net Applications, the company that measures visits to clients websites. The latest report says the iPhone not only keeps a large lead over Android, but it actually enlarged its global share last month, going from 30.4. At the same time, Android increased from 5.3. If...

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iPad claiming .03% of all 'net traffic already

I must say, my iPad has become my primary way to access the Web when I'm at home, and it looks like Apple's latest device is getting a lot of exercise from other iPad users too. In a report from NetApplications, the iPad averaged 0.03 percent, per day, of all Web traffic for the ten days after i...

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Apple up, down in end-of-year report

Now that 2009 is officially behind us, web metrics firm Net Applications has released their final report of the year, which finds Apple up in some areas and down in others. Specifically, the iPhone OS has grown significantly, while Chrome has surpassed Safari. The iPhone jumped to 0.43 percent of...

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Mac share of web browsing goes up after Windows 7 launch

It may seem a little strange, or downright counter-intuitive, but Net Applications is reporting that Mac OS X's share of computers using the web grew from September to October this year, while Windows' share of browsers declined. Windows (all versions of the OS) totaled 92.54% of computers browsi...

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Apple market share tops 10%, Windows share lowest since tracking began

Microsoft's share of the operating system market is dropping, while Apple computers and handhelds have topped 10 percent for the first time, according to a new report on Internet-connected computers. NetApplications, the company that tracks browser and operating system market share for a variety of ...

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Mac internet share hits record 8.87%

Apple 2.0's Philip Elmer-DeWitt notes some new Net Applications statistics that suggest 8.87 percent of all Internet users use a Mac: a new record. Add to that the iPhone platform's 0.37 percent, and over one in eleven use an Apple product to browse the web. The iPhone gained 12 percent more users ...

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Mac OS X slips, iPhone rises in Net Applications survey

This post is for Apple fans who enjoy obsessing over minutia. The latest Net Applications survey has been conducted and shows differing results for Mac OS X users and iPhone users. Net Applications measures the percentage of users who visit some 40,000 web sites from a given operating system. In Fe...

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Safari use up 76 percent

That's up 76 percent from last year. And we're still talking about a 3.19% browser market share, according to Net Applications. Of course, as stated on the Surfin' Safari blog, the hope (for Apple) is to see more WebKit-based browsers out there too. You may recall Nokia's S60 web browser is just suc...

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