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AppleInsider: Apple tablet finally coming next year

So, apparently the Apple netbook/tablet is coming. No, don't stop reading. According to AppleInsider, after four years, the long-awaited successor to the Newton is on its way. No, really, they're not kidding. The supposed netbook, which appears to be an iPod touch on steroids, is part of Apple's 2...

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TUAW Talkcast tonight at 10pm Eastern on Talkshoe

The TUAW Talkcast returns to the airwaves tonight for a brand new era: show number 101 will have us chatting about the biggest Apple stories of the past week, including some international iPhone shenanigans, those extremely persistent netbook/tablet rumors (and why we are so enamored with the idea...

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Rumor Watch: Apple touchscreen netbook on tap for October

Rumors about an Apple "netbook" or "tablet" have been rampant for years, but if a report today on the Taiwanese news site Info Times is any indication, a touchscreen Mac may finally be coming to market in October of this year. This would put the new device in stores in time for the prime holiday buy...

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Road Tested: Why the hackb00k is a fail

A tweet this afternoon pointed me to a post by Dave "MacSparky" Sparks titled The Netbook Experiment, in which he talked about his disappointment with a Dell mini 9 netbook. Since I was about to send out a tweet to the world at large announcing the sale of my Dell mini 9, I found it fascinating that...

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Apple Q2'09 results round-up

Today was a landmark day for the good ol' boys (and girls) at 1 Infinite Loop as they again posted record-breaking quarterly results. Profit was a svelte $1.21 billion for a grand total of $8.16 billion in revenue; or, as the guys in Wallstreet see it: $1.33 per diluted share. All of this is apparen...

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Stephen Baker: Drop the MacBook below $800

Stephen Baker, Vice President of Industry Analysis for The NPD Group, released his analysis of Apple's sales trends following the recent release of January sales figures. In his opinion? If Apple keeps up its current pricing strategy, it's going to flounder in today's economy. The solution? If Apple...

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More netbook rumors from Asian manufacturers

The rumor of an Apple-branded netbook just won't die, and Digitimes has reportedly found more evidence. This is a bit convoluted, so follow closely. Taiwan-based manufacturer Wintek has supposedly been selected to produce touchscreens for the still-theoretical netbook, which Digitimes corroborates w...

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NYT: Search engine seeing a Mac netbook?

When Steve Jobs denied that Apple was working on a netbook (small, inexpensive laptop device) during Tuesday's 4Q earnings call, it immediately set off alarm bells for a lot of people. After all, Jobs has denied that Apple was working on other products, only to have them appear months later. New Yor...

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The little Leopard laptop

I can always tell when I'm bored, because that's when I think up some challenge for myself. The initial spark for this challenge came when I wrote a post a few months ago about how Paul O'Brien at Modaco had successfully installed Leopard on a Windows-based "netbook". TUAW's Mike Schramm further ...

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