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A look at 18 notable Apple Alumni

Network World has a slideshow article that showcases 18 notable Apple alumni. These are folks who spent some time at Apple and saw continued success in their career when they left Cupertino. Some of the people on the list, like Andy Rubin, are known for their roots at Apple, while others like L...

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Image of an early iPad prototype surfaces

While digging through pages of legal documents in the design lawsuit between Apple and Samsung, Yoni Heisler of Network World made a surprising discovery. Buried in the back and forth bantering of the legal team were several images of a prototype iPad that was created in the early 2000s. Duri...

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How Apple tests product packaging

We all know just how obsessive Apple is about the little things. Scott Forstall, Apple's VP of iOS software, has mentioned that he uses a photographer's loupe to make sure that every pixel on the iOS interface is "just right." Now an upcoming book opens the door on a secret room at Apple HQ where ...

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Four out of ten IT professionals would buy a tablet, but would you?

Macworld is reporting that their partner Network World recently did a poll and came up with the figure of four out of ten Network World readers willing to buy a tablet on day one sight unseen. That's an interesting result (and it's not the only one seen along those lines), but I want to know what...

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Network World and Computerworld: Mac OS X love in IT/SMB markets

Last week was a good week for Mac press in the IT weekly trades. Over at ComputerWorld, Ryan Fass chimed in with an opinion piece on how OS X is ideal for small business.Meanwhile, John Fontana in Network World had a long article about how IT pros are beginning to "discover Mac platforms that are...

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