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Tag: networking

GDC 2010: Interview with Keith Lee of Booyah

Booyah is an App Store company with quite a few lessons in its past already. The founders are former developers at Blizzard (they worked on both Diablo and World of Warcraft before setting off on their own), and after their first app, Booyah Society, didn't exactly strike gold on the App Store, the...

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Macworld 2010: TUAW talks to OpenFeint

On the day before Macworld last week, I got a chance to sit down with Eros Remini, VP of Marketing for OpenFeint, to talk about his social gaming network for iPhone apps. He shared with me that the network has claimed a gigantic 12 million users total, with about a million of them active in iPhone ...

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Google Buzz now available on iPhone web app

Google revealed its new social communications feature Buzz yesterday while we were all traveling to Macworld, and the new service is now up and running in the Mobile Safari web app, as well as in your Gmail account everywhere else. The mobile app has all the features of the main service (it's kind o...

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Tablet speculation: How could a tablet connect to the world?

Do you know what word Dave Caolo is hearing in his sleep? Tablet. What phrase is trending mightily on Google Search? Tablet. What is every Apple fanboy and fangirl dreaming of new gift-giving holiday in the March/April timeframe? Tablet. It's what good little geeks hope to find on ...

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LogMeIn to Mac users: No HamachiĀ² for you!

I'm not a fan of setting up Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). In fact, I've had so many issues with VPNs in the past that I now subcontract that work to a fellow geek who seems to have a knack for understanding the various settings. That's why I have been following Hamachi with great interest for the...

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Try Bonjour on your PC for using Mac printers

It's not a hidden secret, but lots of people simply don't know about it. We mentioned it ourselves more than a year ago in answer to a reader question, but I think it's worth a revisit. Here's my scenario. People show up at the house with PC laptops and want to print something. A boarding pass, an e...

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Scoreloop introduces Scoreloop Community for the iPhone

We've talked about OpenFeint quite a few times on the site before (and even interviewed the creators), but while they're definitely one of the biggest names in creating gaming communities for the iPhone, they're not alone. A company called Scoreloop has today announced a service called "Scoreloop Co...

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Staying Safe: securing your wireless connection

Recently, we reported on AT&T's push to make it easier for iPhone & iPod touch users to connect to their Wi-Fi Hot Spots. One of our readers, Jamie Phelps, pointed out on his blog that AT&T's Wi-Fi service is not actually a "secure connection," as is advertised in various places on their...

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OpenFeint 2.0 brings social discovery to the iPhone

The Aurora Feint folks are at WWDC with the rest of the Mac development world this week, and while out there, not only are they having a party, but they sent out an announcement: OpenFeint 2.0 is out now, and it has some "social discovery" features now included. Their open platform already supported...

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Time Capsule backs up your Macs

Apple has released Time Capsule, a NAS (network-attached storage, I'll admit I'm so far from an IT guy that I had to look it up) unit that will wirelessly sync with multiple instances of Time Machine, all the while also working as an 802.11n base station (there are three included ethernet ports as...

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Seven cool features of Leopard that might get stubborn friends to upgrade

There are dozens of little niceties in Leopard: like how Front Row now lives on my iBook (sans remote) and allows me to operate the thing as a sort of thin-client media jukebox (courtesy a Mac mini server). Or how Font Book now prints books of your fonts (especially nice for those non-techies). With...

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Little Snitch updated to 2.0, Leopard compatible

Macworld brings news that everyone's favorite tattletale, Little Snitch, has been updated to version 2.0. The new version brings a whole host of updates, including a new Network Monitor, which will let you know about all outgoing and incoming network traffic. There's also support for IPV6, and a bet...

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Network Magic: Simplify Mac and PC networking

The Mac and PC networking challenge is legendary. If you have both on a home or work network, it can be an adventure to get these two machines to see each other, share files or printers. Fortunately, Pure Networks has an app for both Mac and PC called Network Magic which hopes to change all that, ...

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Battlefleet, a game for iPhone

It's not quite a native iPhone game, but it's one of the best games I've seen for the iPhone yet-- Roger sent us his version of Battleship (which is actually a pen and paper game that predates Milton Bradley's version-- I did not know that), called Battlefleet. It's super easy to play, and turns out...

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Bonjour for Windows 1.0.4 released

Apple has released a new version of Bonjour for Windows, 1.0.4, just in case you're zero-configuration networking with any Windows PCs in the area. There's no changelog available, but this version dropped as a preview onto the ADC page last month, and apparently "includes Windows Vista support and v...

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