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Neuroshima Hex Puzzle for iOS reviewed, on sale this weekend

If you like the wargame/board game strategy of Neuroshima Hex, but want to quietly challenge your brain as you play, the new Neuroshima Hex Puzzle app should be right up your alley. Even better, the universal app is on sale for just US$0.99 this weekend (a 66 percent discount). The game is a cl...

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App Review: Neuroshima Hex is good, about to get a lot better *UPDATE

The new board game app that's based on the 2006 tabletop game Neuroshima Hex is a lot of things. For a cardboard hex-based game that's reproduced in your pocket, Neuroshima Hex is gorgeous. The artwork is wonderfully clear on a Retina Display, and the part-apocalyptic, part-1950s sci-fi style gra...

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