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Fifth Avenue Apple cube being revamped, here it is

Apple announced plans a little while ago to revamp the glass cube that sits on top of New York's iconic Fifth Avenue Apple Store, and Gothamist has the first pictures of the new design, as seen above. As you can tell, it's simpler and cleaner, representing a smooth and sleek entrance that's eve...

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(Two) Grand Central locals worry about an Apple Store

New York's PIX11 has a report up about the new Apple Store that was just confirmed to be installed right in the middle of Grand Central Terminal. While most are excited about the idea, some are not. One Grand Central visitor complains that the place is already too crowded (it is, after all, Gra...

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Temporary Apple Store coming to SoHo

Apple is preparing to open a temporary store at 72 Greene Street in SoHo, according to AppleInsider. The temporary store will offer retail sales on the ground floor and part of the second floor, while the basement will be used for inventory. Earlier this year it was revealed that Apple will t...

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Local governments inspire app developers with contests

Cities like New York, Washington D.C. and San Francisco want developers to write mobile apps that use city data. These cities have made their data public and, sometimes, hosted contests to encourage the process. The New York State's Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has jumped on th...

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Apple faces trademark infringement lawsuit over the use of iBooks

Apple is facing yet another trademark infringement lawsuit. This time the company must defend its use of the term iBooks. Apple is being sued by New York publisher John T. Colby who bought Byron Preiss Visual Productions and Ibooks, Inc during a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy proceeding back in 2006. The...

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New York's Tekserve gets major facelift

It's one of New York's great indie Mac retailers, made famous by Sex and the City and made successful by thousands of loyal customers... but, if we're going to be frank about it, it was a little bit cluttered and cramped. That's why the team at Tekserve spent most of the Memorial Day weekend ri...

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Heatmap shows Fifth Avenue Apple Store is hot place for photos

The image above is a heatmap of photo locations on popular pic sharing site Flickr, put together by developer Eric Fischer. Each dot on the map indicates where a photo was taken in New York's Manhattan borough, with each circled area representing a hot spot of location photography. As ifoAppleS...

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WSJ: Apple still eyeing Grand Central terminal for new retail store

Last week, The New York Observer claimed an anonymous source within the Metropolitan Transit Authority confirmed that Apple has killed plans to lease space within New York's Grand Central terminal. Today, the Wall Street Journal refutes that report with its own sources that suggest Apple is sti...

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Car-service app Uber heads for NYC market

Uber is a service that connects an iOS app to a car booking network, so essentially you can use your iPhone to signal that you need a car, and then one shows up, complete with a driver ready to take you to your destination. We've seen taxis do this with Taxi Magic, but Uber is designed to not o...

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Apple's rumored store plans for Grand Central not happening?

The New York dream of shopping for an iPad 2 on the commute to work appears to have come to an end, according to a report by The New York Observer. An anonymous source within New York's Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) says Apple ended plans to open a 16,000 square foot high-profile store i...

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New York, New Jersey transit pilot iPhone payment system

MTA New York City Transit, New Jersey Transit and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey have collaborated with Visa to create a payment system that uses Visa's PayWave technology and several popular smartphones, including the iPhone. Travelers trying out the service can pay for passage ...

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Navigate NYCs Internet Week with your iPhone

Don't let WWDC fool you into thinking all of the fun is in San Francisco this week. New Yorkers are enjoying Internet Week. There are fun and interesting events and exhibits throughout the city from June 7th - 14th. Highlights include panel discussion, demos and interviews. With so much going on,...

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File under "ick": NYC iPad demo units sporting bacteria

Maybe it's not surprising that a flat surface touched by thousands of fingers would end up harboring some nasty critters, but the Daily News has a word to the wise for iPad shoppers in the Big Apple: BYO hand sanitizer. The paper surreptitiously swabbed and cultured samples from iPads at the 5th Ave...

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Dateline NYC: Desperately seeking iPad

What's harder to find than a cheap apartment in Manhattan or a table at Per Se? According to Silicon Alley Insider, it's the iPad. The great slate will make you wait; it may be magical and/or revolutionary but it isn't to be found anywhere in the tri-state area (that's New York, New Jersey and Conne...

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Found footage: the first guy in the iPad line at 5th Avenue Apple Store

It's not surprising at all that someone has already been sitting in front of the iconic 5th Avenue Apple Store in New York City. This video was posted this morning (April 1, 2010) and from the discussion with the person who is sitting there, he was in line yesterday. He kind of looks lonely, ...

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