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The iPhone user's Down Under travel guide

If you own an iPhone and you're traveling to Australia or New Zealand, you might be wondering how your handset will work Down Under. The good news: as long as you have a GSM-model iPhone (i.e., not the Verizon iPhone), and as long as it's unlocked, your iPhone will work just fine down here. But the...

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Swap out your iPhone 4's rear glass with a replacement panel from voBack

A few days ago, one of our readers emailed us to ask, "Is this a photo of the Verizon iPhone, or a Chinese knockoff?" It only took me a couple seconds to realize it was neither; it was a voBack replacement iPhone 4 rear panel from Fixxed, a company based out of Christchurch, New Zealand. I'd seen a...

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iOS update forthcoming to fix Alarm Clock app bug

Our intrepid Kiwi reporter, Chris Rawson, recently told TUAW readers about a mysterious bug that hit his iPhone on the morning of September 25th when New Zealand switched to Daylight Saving Time. iOS users in Australian time zones that follow Daylight Saving Time had a similarly rude awakening on th...

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iOS alarms broken for New Zealand users after Daylight Saving

We just started Daylight Saving Time in New Zealand yesterday. Since then, many iOS users here have experienced what's probably one of the weirdest bugs I've ever seen: our alarms are now going off an hour early. My iPhone's alarm woke me up at 5:50 in the morning today instead of 6:50, and it turn...

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My excellent, fun-time, rage-inducing iPhone 4 adventure

As I write this, I have been an iPhone 4 owner for ten days. I've replaced one iPhone 4 so far, and I'm about to send the replacement back, too. You know why? Because both of the iPhone 4 units I've owned have had the same design flaw. No, not that one. No, not that one, either. A few days after ...

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iPhone 4 launch takes place in New Zealand, but confusion reigns down under

Imagine if Apple's handset prices in the US weren't announced at WWDC, and the subsidy pricing was up to AT&T. Imagine if AT&T told potential iPhone customers that the iPhone 4 would launch on July 30, and pricing info would be released well in advance of that. Now imagine the weeks leadi...

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iPhone 4's multiband antenna makes it a true 'world phone'

This morning, I read liveblogs about the WWDC keynote with growing irritation. I'd been hoping for a 64 GB capacity bump for iPhone 4, even though I knew in the back of my mind that engineering practicalities made it unlikely. The news that FaceTime will not only be WiFi only, but will also work onl...

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NDrive Australia/NZ: A competent GPS nav app with a few flaws

When asked if I wanted to review NDrive Australia & New Zealand (currently US$24.99, AU$29.99, and NZ$30.99), I was initially reluctant. "The problem with these nav apps is they don't really seem to offer me a compelling alternative to the free Maps app plus a co-pilot," I said. Since getting my...

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The #1 thing I want in the next iPhone: support for 900 MHz UMTS/HSDPA

The next iPhone is widely expected to debut sometime in the next few months, most likely at WWDC, which is rumored to kick off on June 28. Even though that's only a hair over three months away, so far there's been very little revealed about the next iteration of the iPhone either in terms of its app...

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iBookstore expanding internationally ... eventually

The announcement of the iBookstore wasn't particularly surprising -- analysts had expected such a move from Apple for months. What was somewhat surprising was that as of the initial announcement of the iPad and its tie-in with the iBookstore, there were no announced plans for international versions ...

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An ode to iPhone tethering

Sometimes I feel sorry for you poor iPhone users in the US. Sure, the telecommunications landscape in New Zealand isn't exactly perfect, but our small nation has the US beat on at least one very significant point: unlike AT&T, our wireless providers let us tether our iPhones as much as we want (...

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Apple versus Woolworths: logo smackdown

UPDATE 2: Be sure to read Engadget's analysis of what appears to be a non-event here. Apple is apparently getting hot and bothered over Australian/New Zealand supermarket chain Woolworths' new logo. Woolworths insists the logo is merely a stylized "W," but Apple's copyright lawyers aren't buying ...

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New Zealand iPhone GPS ban considered, then overturned

A few days ago, I learned of a new law coming out in Australia that's set to ban cell phone GPS usage while driving. I criticized the Aussie government's approach and noted that while New Zealand had a similar forthcoming law, at least NZ's government was sensible enough not to pursue the cell phone...

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Aussie drivers: Buy a cradle, or no iPhone GPS for you

Live in Australia? Have an iPhone? Do you use the iPhone's built-in Maps app, Navigon, or TomTom [iTunes links] to navigate? If you answered yes to all three of those questions, then I have some bad news for you: under the Australian Road Rule 8th Amendment, all use of the iPhone in your car is soon...

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Failure to launch: Apple bungles Snow Leopard distribution in New Zealand

So, how's everybody enjoying Snow Leopard? Good stuff, isn't it? Gotta love those new Exposé options in the Dock, and all that saved hard drive space, and the faster if slightly quirkier performance... isn't it, um... great? Argh. I can't keep up the charade anymore. I know nothing about the ...

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