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Is The Daily on thin ice?

The Daily, the heavily-promoted news publication for mobile devices, may be on life support, according to a report in today's New York Observer. I took a look at The Daily a few months after launch and found it pleasing to look at but not something I would spend money on. There are solid free n...

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New York Times updates iPad app to stop constant crashing

It's about time. Ever since the NYTimes for iPad app replaced the lame Editors' Choice app, it has been tough sledding trying to read the news. It often took a long time to load, and then before displaying a single story, it crashed. I reinstalled the app, and that made things better for a while unt...

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Washington Post for iPad is a bit hard on the eyes

I've been using the Washington Post for iPad app since it was released earlier this week. It's nice to see the Post jump into the dedicated iPad app competition, but while there are some things to like about the app, there is also a lot I find extremely disappointing. The good first. Most, but not a...

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AP News for iPad a missed opportunity

Having made most of my living in the news business, I'm pretty much a news junkie. As a result, I've loaded my iPad up with a lot of news applications so I can keep up throughout the day. I'd taken some pretty strong issue with the failings of the AP News app for the iPhone, but the iPad version ...

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