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The Daily launch at 11am to stream live, coming to compete

It's less than an hour until the NYC launch event for The Daily, News Corp's much-anticipated newspaper for the iPad. If you want to keep up with the event live, it appears that it will be streamed directly from For those who follow such things, Poynter has sussed out the likely masth...

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USA Today sees iPad app as "real positive" for industry

While many newspapers are struggling financially and trying to figure out how to move from paper and ink to digital content, it appears that Gannett's USA Today is doing quite well on the iPad. Last August, the paper was in the midst of a restructuring and cut 130 staff members. At that time, USA T...

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The French gain a 3D iPad Newstand

We've heard much talk of a virtual NewsStand for the iPad, but have yet to see one, until now. It seems, the French are the first to get a selection of magazines available on the iPad all from one app -- in virtual 3D, no less. Le Kiosque, by, is a free iPad app that sells magazines ...

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Guardian iPhone app debuts, subscription available to UK customers

The Guardian has released a brand new version of its iPhone app on the App Store, this time featuring a subscription model for UK customers. Lots of publications have been trying to get Apple to approve a subscription model for apps, but The Guardian went ahead and did it themselves, offering up a ...

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Survey finds iPad negatively affecting print media

Bad news for members of the newspaper industry that expect to use digital media to save their print editions. A recent survey from the Reynolds Journalism Institute (RJI) shows that iPad owners are more likely to read news on their iPad than a printed newspaper. RJI surveyed over 1,600 iPad owners ...

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The Guardian announces subscription-based news app, is rumored Newsstand looming?

AppleInsider reports that, on Thursday, The Guardian announced it will be replacing its current app with an all new version "soon." Although the current version of the app will continue to work (but eventually be discontinued), the new app is to introduce The Guardian's award-winning video, reader c...

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Amazon deal could affect Apple's publishing efforts

Amazon has just backed down a bit on its newspaper publishing program for the Kindle service, and it's possible that it happened as a result of pressure from Apple itself. Amazon has announced a new plan for newspapers and their content that would give them a full 70% royalty split, a deal very simi...

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London newspaper City A.M. coming to the iPad

If you aren't a Londoner, this news probably won't excite you that much. However, if you make the daily commute on the tube like the five million rest of us (well, 4,999,999. I work from home), a regular part of your morning is browsing though the City A.M. newspaper -- a staple of daily London busi...

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TUAW's Daily App: Times for iPad

We posted about Times way back in April of last year. Back then, it was an RSS reader for Mac that organized your feeds into a newspaper-style page, so you could quickly and easily scan and browse a lot of information. Nowadays, of course, the iPad is one of the main devices for consumption of onli...

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Aussie newspaper selling out ads for 1st iPad edition

The Australian is busy prepping its iPad app, which will deliver issues of the newspaper to subscribers. Thus far, signing up subscribers has gone well; 3 months worth of ads have also been sold, including to big names like IBM and Toyota. The paper has created an ad package that includes 3 month...

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Rumor: Apple's iTravel being previewed in other markets

Last week, Patently Apple got a hint of a new app/service from Apple called iTravel, an official app that would allow you to make and check-in travel reservations with just your iPhone. Apparently it's farther along than we thought, because a new app co-sponsored by Apple in a Montreal newspaper ap...

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WSJ on the iPad will be $17.99 a month

Engadget reports that "people familiar with the matter" have stated The Wall Street Journal will be available on the iPad for a $17.99 a month subscription fee. The source comes from the Journal itself, so it's a pretty good bet this is accurate info. Engadget notes that the iPad subscription price ...

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Danish newspaper fakes iPad on front page

As the newspaper industry struggles to find its way in an increasingly digital world, publishers, writers, and so on are reconsidering their business models. Danish newspaper Information makes the case for going digital crystal clear by filling its entire front page with an image of the iPad (at rig...

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WSJ: Tablet confirmed, Apple to reinvent old media

All of their information is centered on the alleged mystery device that will allegedly be announced at a now official event next week. Here are some of the juicier tidbits they passed on from those mysterious people "familiar with" what's happening on Inifinite Loop: Always partial to the educat...

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News apps for the iPhone span the political spectrum

Building a native app that aggregates and spruces up the content of a single news organ's website is all the rage, although it seems like overkill in some cases -- personally, I enjoy curating my own reading list with good old Instapaper, which also offers the advantage of clearing out most of the g...

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