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Google Reader Notifier for Mac OS X

I posted earlier this month of my love for the recently refreshed Google Reader, though for many users it's still missing one key feature: a notification utility for new headlines. Some newsreader apps and services have all sorts of widgets and menubar apps that can notify users of new content in th...

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Vienna 2.1 preview

Some people have given us flack for focusing too much on one particular RSS reader, so I thought I would help the Vienna 2.1 preview. Vienna is a full featured open source RSS reader for OS X (and you know what means, it is free). 2.1 brings with it a host of new features including: A new 'Uni...

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NetNewsWire 2.1 released

After all the beta releases, the testing and the blood sweat and tears, NetNewsWire 2.1 has gone official. In case you've been living under a rock the past few months, this long-anticipated release of the most.popular.newsreader.evar includes major new features like syncing with NewsGator, posting t...

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Fast posting to with Pukka 1.0

Pukka (pronounced: puck-uh) is "a minimalist posting client for" It is a very slim but powerful stand-alone client that features tag auto-completion, handling of multiple accounts, Bonjour discovery of other Pukka users, bookmarklets, Growl alerts, .weblog and .url...

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Write a plugin for endo

David Chartier likes endo so much that he banished NetNewsWire from his dock. High praise, I think, and now you can make endo do even more cool stuff by writing your very own plugins for it. endo ships with some pre-built plugins (one for Technorati and another for Flickr), but if you want to build ...

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Shrook now free

Shrook, a full featured RSS reader for OS X, is now freeware according to Shrook developer Graham Parks. In an email to TUAW he assures us that development of Shrook will continue, the only thing that has changed is the price. Why the sudden change to freeware? To quote Graham, 'to piss off Brent S...

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NNW booted from my Dock, long live endo!

Scott posted on endo yesterday, and today I am happy to report that NNW has gone to that giant "poof" in the ex-Dock sky. Sure, endo has some minor "it's a 1.0 release" quirks, but this is the newsreader I've been waiting for. After putting it through its paces last night I was h...

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iPodderX now Transistr

Last month, at just around this time, we reported that iPodderX was in search of a new name. It seems that the seach is over, and after consulting with some lawyers (good idea, guys) Transistr has been choosen. Details are very light on what exactly Transistr will consist of, but it seems that it wi...

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BlogBridge, a second look

BlogBridge might still be a little too rough around the edges to de-throne NetNewsWIre - the web's most popular newsreader on either Windows or OS X - but it has a rocking feature set that I think the folks at Ranchero/Newsgator had better start paying attention to. C.K. took a look at a 1.0 release...

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