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That hide-the-Newsstand trick? It works

Yes, it works. You can hide Newsstand and it works exactly like those hundreds of posts and tips and videos say it does. We don't know exactly who figured this out -- coverage of the trick is pretty widespread at this point and there aren't exact credits -- but kudos to who did. It wasn't us. (U...

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The Guardian comes to the iPad

The British national daily newspaper The Guardian has come to the iPad. The 190 year-old newspaper is celebrating its iPad launch by allowing users access to their first 86 issues (starting on the day you launch the app) for free when they start using the app. After that time, a monthly subscri...

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iPhone 4S was top online buzz generator yesterday

Online marketing and analytics firm Webtrends kept a close eye on the Apple event and announcements yesterday. Not surprisingly, the iPhone 4S was a huge buzz generator for the day, with almost half (585,306 out of 1,223,060) of the total online mentions made about Apple. Excitement or curios...

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Buried among new Kindles, Amazon introduces its own Newsstand

There's no question that Amazon has Apple in its crosshairs with the introduction of the US$199 Kindle Fire. However, buried in the description of the also-announced Kindle Touch, $99 with ads or $139 without, is a new feature for the device -- a rebranding of its newspaper and magazine offer...

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French papers team up to oppose Apple's Newsstand

Much in the way that Apple has come to dominate the media shopping experience through iTunes, the company is now aiming to make purchasing of newspapers and magazines much easier through iOS 5's Newsstand. The app is billed as a digital kiosk at which you can buy individual issues and subscription...

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Adobe to support iOS 5 Newsstand

Adobe has confirmed that it will support iOS 5's Newsstand publishing "soon after" the iOS update is released this fall. The company's Digital Publishing Suite works with Creative Suite 5.5 to create publications for the iPad, Android and RIM's PlayBook. Users can expect files created with Adobe...

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NewsStand built into iOS 5

iOS 5 adds NewsStand, which is going to be huge for readers and publishers. Demoed at WWDC today, NewsStand looks just like the iBooks app, but this is for magazines and daily papers. Working a bit like the Kindle magazine system, NewsStand will update your magazines when they are published w...

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Gourmet Live now available for iPhone

Gourmet Magazine closed shop a few years ago and has lived on through its Gourmet Live app for the iPad. A little less than a year after its iPad app debuted, the company rolled out an iPhone version. Both the iPhone and iPad app lets you browse recipes and read articles from their large collec...

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The French gain a 3D iPad Newstand

We've heard much talk of a virtual NewsStand for the iPad, but have yet to see one, until now. It seems, the French are the first to get a selection of magazines available on the iPad all from one app -- in virtual 3D, no less. Le Kiosque, by, is a free iPad app that sells magazines ...

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The Guardian announces subscription-based news app, is rumored Newsstand looming?

AppleInsider reports that, on Thursday, The Guardian announced it will be replacing its current app with an all new version "soon." Although the current version of the app will continue to work (but eventually be discontinued), the new app is to introduce The Guardian's award-winning video, reader c...

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Gourmet magazine to return as iPad app

There's been a lot of talk about the iPad saving print, but in this case it might actually happen. Gourmet magazine closed up shop late last year, but the publisher is getting ready to bring the mag back -- as an iPad app called Gourmet Live. The app will be free (with a few options for in-app payme...

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MacTribe goes to print magazine format

Making the leap from online-only to print format, MacTribe has announced that it will begin publishing a magazine version. The site, and now the dead-tree edition, will continue to feature a mix of reviews and news along with "cultural and aesthetic" items sure to appeal to the sophisticated taste o...

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