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Subway riders subject to iPhone thefts

The WSJ's Andrew Grossman reports (subscription required) that New York City's subway riders may be a bit too openhanded with their digital devices. According to NYPD statistics, grand larceny* incidents on the subway were up 18 percent year-over-year from January to March of 2011 (311 reports in...

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AT&T CEO promises improved service from T-Mobile deal

Businessweek had a chat recently with AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson, and he told them that the pending merger with T-Mobile would have the intended effect of improving service and capacity on the networks for all of AT&T's devices, including, of course, the iPhone. "Virtually on the day y...

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Building permits suggest SoHo Apple Store ready for expansion

Apple's New York SoHo store has a long and storied history. It was the first Apple Store to open in New York City and is housed in an old, distinctively-styled Post Office building. It has been visited by Steve Jobs himself and has been the host of several high-profile guest appearances by the ...

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Apple hoping to open Brooklyn store in Atlantic Yards development

Sure, Apple's Fifth Avenue retail store may be New York City's fifth most-photographed location, but Brooklynites need their Apple fix, too -- and it seems that Apple wants to be sure to take care of them. While not confirmed yet as of this writing, The New York Observer reports that Apple is lookin...

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AT&T says New York City service is improved

While AT&T's service has been notoriously bad even before the iPhone launch, iPhone users in New York City have suffered some of the worst of it, with one Apple Genius reportedly saying that 30% dropped call rate was average. (I think he misspelled "atrocious.") The good news is that AT&T...

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Fifth Ave Apple Store is NYC's fifth most-photographed location

Philip DeWitt at Apple 2.0 is reporting that Apple's Fifth Avenue retail store is now New York City's fifth most-photographed location. The ranking is according to a year-old analysis of 35 million Flickr images by Cornell University students on a university supercomputer. So which four landmarks...

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Breaking: AT&T website stops selling iPhones in New York City?

What kind of Christmas present is this? The Consumerist is reporting that AT&T has stopped selling the iPhone in the New York metropolitan area, at least via the company's website, due to high data congestion (or possibly due to online fraud). Update: While Consumerist's post still cites 'netw...

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5 Apps for NYC tourists

I was in NYC for a week and feeling a bit bored, so I took a look at a passel (anyone still use that word?) of NYC tourist traps apps, that I picked up last week for the heck of it. NYC Subway 24-Hour KICKMap - $1.99. Rating: Horrible. This is a generic subway map that's "24 hours" because ...

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New York's flagship Apple Store doing great business

New York City's flagship Apple Store, located on 5th Avenue in Manhattan, is doing tremendous business. According to The New York Post, that store raked in $440 million in one year. Of course, the location doesn't hurt. It's right by Central Park and the huge, glass cube is a real tourist draw. The...

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Two more Apple Stores confirmed for New York City

Cheer up, New Yorkers! Sure, the Red Sox beat your Yankees last night and you're now in 3rd place in the AL East, but there's good news, too! ifoAppleStore is reporting that two new Apple Stores have been confirmed for The Big Apple. First, the borough of Brooklyn will host a store, either in the do...

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Apple Store panoramic

This will probably be my last post about Apple's new Fifth Avenue store, but I'm not making any promises. The Cult of Mac points us to this very cool Quicktime panormic image of the store on opening night. It is very cool....

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Line to get into the new Apple store .45 miles long

That's right, at the height of the opening madness this blogger, using only Gmaps Pedometer, estimated the line to be .45 miles long. Waiting in a line that long for the privilege of getting into a store, and perhaps getting a free t-shirt? I suppose there are worse things to do with an afternoon (...

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Time lapse photos of NYC Apple Store opening

Apple has just updated the Fifth Avenue store's page to show a series of time lapse photographs for each hour of its first 24 hours of being open. Apple really is going all out for this store opening, though when you spend millions of dollars on a glass cube, you want to get your money's worth. ...

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Steve Jobs at the new NYC Apple Store

Ben Shapiro, an eagle eyed TUAW reader, spotted His Steveness at the Fifth Avenue Apple Store set to open today at 6pm. Pictured above we can see the real reason Steve wanted a gigantic glass cube, so he could stare lovingly at his own reflection. Check out all of Ben's Steve pics in his Flickr str...

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Apple Store 5th Ave: Your reports

Hooray, it's opening day! You cannot deny the lure of the cube, New Yorkers. Resistance is futile. While Apple Store Fifth Avenue in New York City doesn't officially open its doors until 6:00 PM, we'll be taking your reports all day. Use the comments of this post to share your experiences: When...

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