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In Brief: Jobs' journey through the wilderness made Apple Inc. possible

There's an interesting Randall Stross piece in Saturday's New York Times about the alternative timeline where Steve Jobs never resigned from Apple. Given his legendary fussiness over every detail and his frustrating inability to get the NeXT hardware platform past the "expensive curiosity" stage, St...

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Rhapsody on an iPad

No, not the music service. I'm talking about OS X's grandfather. And here it is booting on an iPad. Developer Steven Troughton-Smith saw the video of Windows 95 running on an iPad in emulation and was inspired to try the same thing with Rhapsody -- the development OS was developed by Apple in the...

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Found Footage: A working NeXT Cube

Al Diblasi over at Alfred.TV keeps coming up with fun videos with old Apple or related devices as the centerpiece. In this latest 53-minute masterpiece on YouTube (below), Al boots up a 1991 68040-based NeXT Cube, and then shows off some of the built-in applications, an original brochure for the NeX...

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Today's a big day for Steve

Fun fact: September 16 is the day in 1985 that Steve Jobs left Apple, and also the same day in 1997 that he returned to Apple as then-iCEO. Jobs first left after CEO John Sculley ousted him from Apple's board of directors after both had tried to be "co-CEOs." Jobs also filed papers that same day i...

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NeXT collection on eBay

Combining two of our little trends lately, retroware and eBay vintage, here's the motherload for any NeXT fan-- a complete (and boy do I mean complete) set of NeXT computer cube stuff on eBay. Holy cow that's a lot of stuff-- he's a matching grayscale (!) display and speakers, all the cables, a sp...

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Former Apple General Counsel still in hot water

Joel Rosenblatt of writes that former General Counsel Nancy Heinan may still be sued by the Securities and Exchange Commission for the backdating issues that recently plagued Steve Jobs, Apple, and Pixar according to her attorney Miles Ehrlich. Heinan's history with Jobs goes way back,...

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Jobs' Years in the Wilderness - NeXT

I'm always a sucker for interesting stories about the history of the Mac and I just ran across this fascinating account of Steve Jobs in the eleven years after he left (or was pushed out of) Apple and his triumphant return in 1996. It's an interesting story, well-told, and all of the characteristic ...

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Macworld: what a difference a decade makes

Stevemas (that's Macworld to you) is just around the corner and the Mac web can hardly wait. What will Apple wow us with this time around? A true video iPod? New displays with built in iSights? Only Steve knows for sure, however, let's cast our gaze into Apple's past for a moment. Let's go all the w...

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A decade of NeXT and Apple

In the summer of 1989, I had a really, really tough assignment: I had to evaluate the NeXT Cube for a publishing company. What a hardship to have that black box on my desk, along with that 400-dpi laser printer! I don't know how I ever managed. It's hard to believe that it was ten years ago, on 12/2...

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C4 Tip: Drag-and-drop text in Cocoa apps

During The Grube's UI presentation at C4, he pointed to one particular example of "functional inconsistency" in Apple's software: the discrepancy in results when you drag-and-drop text in Carbon apps (TextWrangler, AppleWorks, etc.) vs. Cocoa apps (TextEdit, Safari, etc.). When you select text in Ca...

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AppleScript to view next unread message in Mail

If you've ever wished for the ability to go to the next unread message in Mail, instead of having to shuffle through all the unread ones, some enterprising forum members have put together a script that might go well with your favorite app/script launcher, such as FastScripts. I tried...

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Rig of the Day: Vintage collection

Flickr user brrm (I really like that user name for some reason) shows off his great collection of vintage Apple hardware. Check out the great Lisa II (in very nice condition), his collection of Powerbooks (180, 180c, 520c, 190, 100, 2400/180c, Pismo and 15" G4) doing the wave, Newton 2000 (wit...

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