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Infographic hilariously compares two-year-old Nexus 4 with iPhone 6

As spotted by Business Insider, Android fan and Ars Technica Reviews Editor Ron Amadeo created this amusing infographic that compares Apple's latest iPhone 6 with the Nexus 4. The image not-so-subtly implies Apple's hardware is years behind Google's cutting edge technology. As with most good di...

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Thoughts on the Google Nexus 7 from the perspective of a longtime iOS user [updated]

I bought my first iPhone in 2008 and my first iPad in 2010, and I've upgraded both devices several times since then. Over the last five years, iOS has easily been my second-most used operating system by hours of usage after Windows (which I have to use for my day job as a Java developer). I've nev...

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DevJuice early look: Create slick framed product shots with Promotee

Update: The app is now live in the Mac App Store. TUAW readers can order from the vendor directly with a 20% discount using TUAWPROMO. I normally don't cover apps too early before they're released but I couldn't wait to post about Promotee. It will shortly be going into Apple review, so expec...

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