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NFL's Denver Broncos embrace the iPad

The NFL Denver Broncos not only have Peyton Manning, but they're also getting a lot of iPads. A report in the Denver Post today mentioned that the team is in the process of moving the weekly team playbooks from the traditional printed copy to a digital version on the iPad. The team will purch...

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Five apps for Super Bowl Sunday

The Super Bowl is just around the corner which means it's time to get ready for the big game between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots. Rather than our usual five apps, I couldn't contain myself and, instead, put together five categories of apps that'll set you up nicely for food, fo...

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NFL to stream the Super Bowl to iPhone, iPad apps (Updated)

Update: As commenters have pointed out, this is for iPhone users on Verizon ONLY. Pity. I'm excited about this one, both for what it is, and for the potential of what it could be. The NFL has decided, in a (rare?) move of generosity, to stream the Super Bowl broadcast out to its mobile device...

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NFL teams love the iPad

Just before the start of the NFL football season, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers equipped their players with iPads to see how a tablet would work as a training tool. A few months into the season and the iPads are a "smashing success" says general manager Mark Dominik. The iPads include a digital vers...

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Zite adds NFL category to bring you personalized football news

You might have, ahem, noticed, it's football season. Users of the free personal news app Zite now can add their favorite teams and Zite will deliver personalized pigskin stories. Zite is my favorite iPad news discovery app, and this NFL category is going to be just what rabid football fans want...

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NFL could replace play books with iPads

CNET is reporting that the NFL is considering replacing bulky coach's play books with iPads. For now, the Dallas Cowboys and "a couple" other teams are mulling over the switch, which could save them "...up to 5,000 pages of paper printouts per game." Besides the cost (and environmental) benefits ...

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DirecTV survey suggests NFL Sunday Ticket on Apple TV

A recent marketing research survey from DirecTV suggests its popular NFL Sunday Ticket may land on the Apple TV. The survey quizzes DirecTV customers about different bundles and pricing plans for both the digital and regular Sunday Ticket subscription. A footnote for the internet-based, digital ver...

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TUAW's Daily App: NFL 2011

Madden is usually the word in football video games around this time of year, but just in case you don't want to spend that $8, Gameloft has a deal for you. Even before the season starts, it's dropped the price on NFL 2011 to just 99 cents. The Gameloft version doesn't quite have as much polish or f...

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Sportacular updated for (fantasy) football

I only follow a few sports teams, but for the teams I do follow, Sportacular (that's the iTunes link for the free version, and here's the paid version, sans ads) is definitely my app of choice. For nearly every professional sport you can think of, the app will track scores, plays, schedules, standin...

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DirecTV NFL Mobile: The most expensive free app in the world

DirecTV, which I love dearly and which supplies signal to eight screens in my house, has just announced the NFL Mobile app [iTunes link] which doesn't go live until September 13th (although you can download it now). Once working, the app will let you watch live streams of all NFL Sunday Ticket foo...

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Five widgets for football junkies

As I write this, there are 12 excruciatingly long days until the start of the 2007 NFL football season. This year, the best-dressed Macs will have spiffy new dashboard widgets to help us follow our fantasy picks, favorite teams, league stats, and every game nuance we can think of. Here are the top f...

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Super Bowl highlights now in iTunes

If you want to relive that abysmal game for only $1.99US (it's a 22 minute video), just click here to be taken to the iTunes Store. Now that the season is over, I wonder if that's the end of NFL content in iTunes? The Pro Bowl will be played this weekend, and the NFL Network (which has been providin...

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Expect Superbowl highlights in iTunes

Apple has fostered a relationship with the NFL this year, posting game and team highlights, as well as NFL network programming, to the iTunes Store all season long. We're sure that Superbowl Highlights will also be added, but until then you can relive Superbowls past through the eyes of the players ...

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Widget Watch: Are you ready for some football?

Oh, yes I am. If you like a little NFL mixed in with you OS X, check out 2006 NFL by Kelly Phillips. It's a Dashboard widget that breaks down every game of the 2006 NFL season. Flip it over, and get each team's win/loss record, sorted by conference and division. If you just want to focus on a single...

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The NFL in iTunes?

According to Market Watch, the NFL's internet licensing deal expires in May, and they've gone shopping for a replacement. They're supposedly in talks with several vendors, including Apple. NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said that they're "...wide open" to all sorts of possibilities, which pr...

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