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NIK Software creates bundle of Mac Plugins, drops price 70%

NIK has announced all 6 of its high-end photo editing tools for Mac and Windows are available as a US$150 bundle. The new bundle is a set of plugins that previously cost $750.00, and includes tools to help you create black-and-white photos, selective color adjustment, sharpening, and of cours...

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Talkcast Sunday night, special early start at 9 pm ET: Farewell Nik

Last week's talkcast was a very full house and a very long show, as we delved into the reasons why we mourn the 12" PowerBook G4 and which Apple TV ad shows Mac users in the worst possible light (hint: it stars Milo Ventimiglia, from Heroes). Download the show from Talkshoe, play it from the Flash ...

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TUAW Best of the Week

Our best posts of the week, all organized in one post for your perusal. Erica's passed the baton off to me for this edition yet again, and here we go. Apple looks out for my best interests And by that, Erica means they don't. The state of the iTouch jailbreak Is not good, unfortunately. Metaliveblog...

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