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New Nike+ shoes further enhance digital training

The Verge has a long look at the latest improvements to Nike's Nike+ fitness system, which uses sensors in your shoes (and on the company's very popular Fuelband peripheral) to calculate fitness and workout information, and attempt to help keep you motivated while working out. The whole system ...

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Apple granted 22 patents including trackpads, iPhone circuit boards and more

Every once in a while Apple gets granted a big chunk of patents all at once, and this is one of those times. In addition to an Apple TV patent we've described in its own post, Apple's been granted over 20 other patents ranging from advanced trackpads to iPhone circuit board designs and beyond. ...

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Nike+ not working? Nike says sorry, and is working on the problem

If you're a Nike+ user and you've been experiencing issues with the service lately, you're not alone. According to TechCrunch, enough users have been having problems with Nike+ over the past few months that Nike has sent an email to users apologizing for the service's troubles and promising a fix...

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Run app updates: News on the Nike+, Runkeeper, and Runmeter fronts

I admit it. I've always thought that the Nike+ shoe sensor thing was kind of lame. Even though I actually do own the right shoes, I never thought it worth while to pick up the optional pedometer sensor just so I could take advantage of the built-in iPhone feature. I know that there are people out...

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Nike plus is a minus on iOS 4

While iOS 4 is a significant upgrade to Apple's multi-touch operating system, it is not without its quirks. And one of these quirks (an extremely annoying one) is the Nike+ app. Simply put, the app is so buggy that it is almost unusable (the operative word here being "almost," since it takes a lot ...

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Rumor: Nike+ heart rate monitor coming June 1

According to a post by user "Clover" on the Nike+ support forums, Nike will be releasing a Nike+ heart rate monitor to the U.S. market on June 1, 2010. Canada will also see see a June launch date, while other international customers will see the device hitting shelves some time during the summer. Wh...

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Apple's new Senior Prototype Engineer to work on wearable computing

More news from the HR department, as Apple's hiring is extending beyond the Googleplex raid noted earlier. The company's new Senior Prototype Engineer, Richard W. DeVaul, has a Ph.D. in Media Arts & Sciences from MIT. The cool part, Computerworld notes, is that DeVaul has experience in wearable ...

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Hands-on (and feet-on) with RunKeeper Pro

The $9.99 pro version of RunKeeper [iTunes link] serves as a nice alternative to Nike+, especially for the interval-training minded runner. While the Nike+ kit serves a means to an end for many runners, it may not suit everybody's needs. There's the additional cost of the transmitter and receiver (U...

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Apple hires former Newton guru as new VP of Product Marketing

The New York Times Bits Blog is reporting that Michael Tchao, a member of the team that brought the Apple Newton MessagePad to market, is going back to work for Apple after a 15-year absence. In Tchao's new job as Vice President of Product Marketing, he'll be reporting to Apple Senior V.P. of Produc...

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User friendliness, new features highlight Nike+ site redesign

Since its introduction in May 2006, the look, feel and features of the Nike+ website have undergone relatively minor changes. Which makes the redesign (still in beta) of the site all the more noteworthy. By putting familiar faces in different places, as well as adding some new faces, Nike has added ...

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Keep your New Year's resolutions: a Holiday Gift Guide

Ahhhh, New Year's resolutions. You promise that you're going to take better care of yourself, improve your life, and then you usually break all of those resolutions by January 2nd. This year's going to be different, right? Here are some gift ideas to help you keep your 2009 New Year's resolutions. ...

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Apple has patented "smart garments"

Would you believe an article of clothing that knows what you're doing? Apple has filed a patent for something called "smart garments." We can only assume this refers to something that will add functionality to the Nike+ kit, as it describes "...a method of electronically pairing a sensor and a garme...

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TUAW Faceoff: Nike + iPod versus iPhone 3G Challengers

Dedicated runners, bikers, hikers, and walkers like to keep track of their efforts, dutifully logging miles (or kilometers), time, weather conditions, elevation gain or loss. That's why there was a lot of excitement after the Nike + iPod Sport Kit was announced in 2006, since the same device you wer...

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TrailRunner 1.7 Released

On this long weekend (for some of us), how about some outdoor activity? TrailRunner updated its route planning software for runners, bikers, and hikers that works with your iPod nano and Nike+ sport kit. TrailRunner 1.7 is the latest release of the software, which can now import workout data from ...

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24 Hour Fitness will install Nike+ gym equipment

Last year, we wrote about Life Fitness' plan to build exercise equipment with built-in iPod integration, allowing users do dock their iPod and control it from the machine itself. This week, 24 Hour Fitness (the largest fitness club chain in the United States) announced their intention to install sim...

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